Fuzzy Buzzy runs for City Council.

fuzzy buzziesI thought I would feature Joseph “Buzzy” Gufanti, candidate for Vero Beach City Council in this article and, if I get around to it I will try to feature some of the other candidates in future feature articles between now and the election.

One of my Bea-isms bloggers said he was shaking his head as to what Gufanti’s issues were,  so I decided to put my ear to the ground and listen to “Buzzy” explain why he was running for the seat.

One of his reasons to run is because he thinks the current council has displayed an extravagant use of taxpayer dollars. Not getting real specific I thought of this statement by Gufanti and it brings to mind the extravagant use of taxpayer dollars that this council is spending on legal fees to help negotiate the electric sale. Why did this council vote to pay attorney fees of $500.00 per hour when they could have hired a firm who truly had a pulse on the value of our electric utility  who were willing to do the job for $200.00 per hour?  Just asking.

Gufanti says this council has been squandering way too much of the taxpayers money to do what they have to do and that is one reason he is running for a seat on the council.

He also said he is bothered by the mistreatment that this council exhibits with a lot of people who take to the microphone and that is another reason he is running for a seat on the council.  He cited the example of how rude the council was with the gentleman (Phil Katrovitz) who came to the microphone for the Humanist proclamation. He said it was appalling. He implied that it was appalling enough for him to jump into the race and try to bring some civility to the council.

Gufanti said the way they treat him at the lectern does not necessarily bother him personally but he finds it bothersome when they do it to others. He made another interesting point on this subject. He says it is offensive to him that other members of the council don’t object strongly when their fellow council members are being abusive to the public. Very astute of him I might add.

He mentioned that in the past this is what was done to Citizen Frank Zorc and he apparently is seeing the same sort of behavior from this current bunch of elected officials.  Hey, Fuzzy Buzzy, you are not the only one who has noticed. Just ask Linda Hillman how she feels about this issue. Hillman actually went out and got a whole bunch of signatures on two recall petitions, one against the Mayor Craig Fletcher and one against the Vice Mayor, Tracy Carroll for being rude to citizens.

I guess the Fuzzy one thinks his approach to civility is better than what is being practiced by this council. We will have to leave that for the voters to decide.

Buzzy got Fuzzy when asked what constitutes an essential service. He said he does not play tennis however he thinks the tennis courts are an essential part of what makes this community so very appealing. He thinks the trash pickup, the fine police department, the parks and lifeguards all make up a wonderful peaceful and perfect environment and all of the services connected to these things are part of the perfect picture.  He doesn’t necessarily think that is too much government if it keeps  this city on the same level as what it has always been in order  to make sure  the wonderful quality of life continues to be enjoyed by all who live here.

Buzzy says he has lived here for a long time and has been watching and paying attention to the elected officials ever since the *Jay Smith days. Now, for those of you who have never heard of the late Jay Smith, he was the mayor who played a big part to stop high rises from ever being built again in Vero Beach….after the Spires were built. Never again will this city be transformed into a Fort Lauderdale was the way Jay Smith began and ended his political career and to this day we can all be thankful for what he and his “political cronies”  did.

Sounds to me as though Fuzzy Buzzy hopes Vero Beach  will never be transformed into Fort Lauderdale. Perhaps that is one of the reasons he is running for office…to knock Tracy Carroll out of office because she hails from Fort Lauderdale.

Apparently if the “blond hen” is allowed another term in this upcoming election, she will probably continue on the  short term rental path that she is now pursuing. If she gets her way on the short term rental issue, this city might not have the same flavor which  seems to be the very  reason why Fuzzy Buzzy says he loves this city.

Based on what we have seen from this council, it is no wonder a candidate would want to run for office to bring more civility to the council. That is exactly why I tell everyone I have no dog in this race except ABC..A nybody B ut C arroll.


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  1. savannah, ga says:

    I have used keiths oil can in the past and I may do so again and mention beaisms.

  2. jim says:

    What is the schedule for the circuit courts short term rental decision?

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Thank you Savannah. I’ll tell Keith as well. He will appreciate. Don’t forget that he also sells tires. That’s where I got my last set of four.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, I have no idea where the City of Vero Beach sits on the docket of the court. Ask Tracy Carroll, not me.

  5. Mark Schumann says:

    When you say, “put your ear to the ground,” I think you mean that you listened to the 24 minute interview of Joseph Guffanti which aired on WAXE AM and FM Sunday evening and Monday afternoon? That full interview, as well as other previous programs, is available at InsideVero.com.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, Mark, that was a great interview and that is one way that I put my ear to the ground. Aren’t you glad someone is listening even if it is me?

  7. Mark Schumann says:


  8. SilentM says:

    Nice write up Bea and I know how you feel about the blonde hen but Fuzzy is nowhere near competent enough to hold public office, that would be a disaster. As far as the council being abusive I would say being polite and civil is a two way street. It’s not the council’s job to be a punching bag. Anyone who wants respect needs to also show respect.

    Does Petty do that? Fuzzy with his incoherent ramblings? I know how you feel about MR. Katrovitz and they were kind of rough on the old guy but then again anyone who looks at his sponsors website may not feel as sympathetic to his cause. The hen was much more cordial to him than the Mayor, she merely stated her reasons and I can’t say I blame her for crowing about it one bit.

    By the way Bea you have yet to comment on how Joe Beck’s(Katrovitz received proclamation on behalf of) Humanist blog mentioned they were trying to find a way to remove the Jesus Saves tires from route 60. Now there is something petty to crow about.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Silent, I have yet to go to Joe Beck’s website and to this very day I am not tuned in to the Jesus Saves tires thing that you keep mentioning.

    Now, getting back to this article. It is not for me to say whether or not Fuzzy is competent enough to hold office. The only way we would find out is if he got elected.

    But, I do know one thing. He is certainly allowed to run for office and as far as I know, he really does live in the city so he is qualified to run for the Vero Beach City Council.

    As I have said many times on Bea-isms. Not everyone who votes watches Channel 13 every other Tuesday so….the only way they will know Fuzzy is what will get out there in the media.

    What do I think, just another candidate in a big field to muddy the waters. But, like I said, he has the right to run.

    • SilentM says:

      Of course he has the right to run, so did and does Petty, the question is should he.

      Also, nobody pipes in on what the Humanist group means to Vero, the one the MAJORITY of the council gave the proclamation to. Just because you can award a proclamation doesn’t mean you should either. Seeing what that PARTICULAR group is about should say something about the integrity of those council members who allowed it. Keeping VERO VERO I Don’t think involves allowing outside influence to attack our churches. I don’t understand how you can continue to attack her based on that decision when you claim to not have gone to that website. Really?

      I felt this was germane because many of the instances you site of the hen’s arrogance to individuals mostly involves the fringe element or people who are just plain rude.

      I don’t understand either how she becomes a shill for FPL just because they endorse her. Of course they are going to endorse those who support their cause. The real question is does she support our cause? As I understand the majority of citizens want the power plant sold to FPL, are all of us shills too? I get you guys don’t care much for her demeanor but what real proof do you have she is not acting in the best interest of Vero. Aside from the law she broke on renting that isn’t actually a law?

      Speaking of civility, the recent performance by Petty at the 10-1 council meeting was pathetic. Talk about rude and delusional, I think the only fault of the council is not allowing him to pay out his own rope like they did this time. I particularly enjoyed how he waived his book around that nobody will ever read. You have to show respect to get respect. Anyone considering voting for this loon should go to the city of Vero Beach website and watch this performance. There were only a hand full of people at the meeting, too bad.