The New Troika Strikes Again

troikaWell, it looks like the new majority of the Vero Beach City Council will finally get their way. In a 3/2 vote, Howle, Moss and Sykes voted to sell off part of the City’s electric utility to FPL.

It is almost been assured that in doing so this action will result in higher rates for the remaining Vero Beach electric utility customers. Seems rather short sighted that this new “troika” serving the City would vote to cost the City residents higher rates when it has been the goal of the last Council to lower rates. Hmmm.

I don’t write much about this on Bea-isms any longer because I am of the opinion that the money and the time and the energy spent on electing this new “troika” was completely out of my hands. In other words, it just got to be too much to fight this group of FPL junkies.

Have the residents of Vero Beach ever been asked if they would be willing to pay higher rates? And, have the residents of Vero Beach ever been told that if they were to be instrumental in getting lower rates for the Shores residents that the rates would surely be higher for them? I don’t think so. Instead, they have been duped into thinking that doing business with FPL at any level will in fact lower their rates or that this might be the first step in making a complete sale of the utility to FPL.

Again, I will say, I am not close enough to the issue any longer to write often regarding this however, I still stand by a recent article on Bea-isms where I suggested some in the community who know better ought to hire an attorney and find a way to nullify this action by the “troika” and to find them guilty of serving their Master called FPL rather than to serve the residents of the City that they were elected to serve. And, if I were to have any say in this sort of matter, I would hire Schef Wright as the attorney to handle this type of suit. In fact, I think this 3/2 vote smells fishy on a lot of levels. Just saying.

For more details about this matter click on this link.
Council moves ahead with partial sale

  1. Jacki says:

    It’s a matter of paybacks. Residents of Indian River Shores contributed quite a lot to the election of the new troika. I just find it hard to believe that city of Vero Beach residents were not more aware of what was going on.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    All they know is what they read in the PJ and that is how they vote. They are more interested in their tee times than who to vote for. So, they read the slick mailers close to election day and they vote their pocketbooks which in this case is the promise of lower electric rates when FPL buys the utility.