Uh, Excuse Me Sandie…

excuse-me-poster-4ykkdp-clipartThe following is a letter to the editor from Sandie MCGuinness. Her writings are in Italics and Bea-isms comments to her letter are in bold.

Council members don’t keep promises on what was to be the FPL deal.

Uh, excuse me Sandie, the council did keep all of their promises regarding the FPL sale. Way back when this all started the only promise by council was to allow FPL to explore the possibilities of purchasing their Electric Utility. The key word here is explore.

In March 2014, I wrote that council members were doing exactly what the current president was doing, certainly not what the people voted for.

Uh, excuse me Sandie, all of the past council members were doing what the people voted for. The first thing the council did was to put out a referendum allowing FPL to lease the land that the Electric Utility sits on. Remember, that REFERENDUM did not get on the ballot all by itself even though there were a lot of folks, myself included that did not want the referendum to pass because it was asking for FPL to accept a lease that was not yet written.

The turncoats of Vero Beach City Council even after the city people voted, ended up never doing what the people wanted, to be rid of Vero Beach Electric for FPL. They went into office saying one thing and two weeks later changed sides. They specifically ran on the premise of a done deal with FPL. They manipulated changing the context to fit what they wanted, not the people.

Uh, excuse me Sandie, this whole paragraph is just a bunch of hogwash. The council spent over 2 million dollars trying to get rid of the Electric Utility. They also spent years trying to find a way to complete the deal that was signed as a done deal by council members, Carroll, Fletcher and Turner.

Vice Mayor Jay Kramer hit the headlines along with Mayor Richard Winger at that time 2014, in regard to FPL. Winger stated FPL was a done deal then reneged, as did Kramer. Their ideas were neither real nor accurate. Pilar Turner, and Bob Solari were the ones with accuracy, insight in regard to this FPL research. Solari now is a county commissioner, he went for the position where he could have a positive impact. Bob does, he’s a great commissioner.

Uh, excuse me Sandie, Bob Solari was not on the Council so I am a bit confused by your statement that he was accurate on this deal.

It seems Winger and Kramer wasted funds on consultants, bids. not accomplishing what we wanted. This was what “we the people” were originally unhappy about. Now tied again with VB Electric in another 30-year contract, the second, until 2044. What were these people thinking? Here the city was offered over $30 million from FPL for the Shores customers and these people just couldn’t seem to fathom how to do a deal.

Uh excuse me, Sandie, Winger and Kramer did not waste funds. As I recall, way back when all this was started Kramer voted not to waste money on a deal that would not be able to be culminated because he did his homework at from the onset he knew that the City was not going to be able to extricate themselves from FMPA contracts. The real waste was the $2million dollars spent on transactional attorney firm that was not smart enough to find out if the sale could take place. Actually, they probably knew but they were able to milk the city out of $2M before the facts came out. And, to get back to you on this. There were no bids….just FPL. DUH.

We need to be more selective in voting for people with a higher level of managerial, financial and legal experience to these boards.

Uh, excuse me Sandie, on this I will agree. You need to get a life and stop thinking these three City Council Candidates who are being financed by another municipality – Indian River Shores and Florida Power and Light will be able to make a sale happen. The residents of the City of Vero Beach need to vote for Gorry, Young and Old if they want to maintain the City as it is. They will bring a higher level of managerial, financial and legal experience to the council.

  1. Cedric says:

    If I am correct the FPL contract with the city ends on Dec. 31, 2016. Lets hope the new council will open up a bidding process so Vero can get the best rates possible. If the new council does not open the process to all ,instead of dealing with only FPl,something is wrong and must be looked into. If FPL is the only company allowed to participate it would mean the fix is in. No one has higher financial experience than Randy Old. No one has more experience than Tony Young when it comes to management experience. His military rank and service to his country show that attribute clearly. Union member Wells fought fires, Sykes sell shoes, and Moss takes her orders from the Kangaroo. Can’t let Indian River Shores and FPL buy this election.

  2. Jonas says:

    Sometimes I wonder where people such as Sandie McGuiness get their information.
    Bea you hit it right on with your answers.
    If the citizens of Vero Beach elect any of the Shores 3, we are in for big problems.