Bea-isms is Open

openI could say a lot about the Trump/Pence win and I could say a lot about the Sykes, Moss and Young win in Vero Beach but….I think I will just leave Bea-isms open to each and every one of you to make comments with your opinions if you care to. I am going to take a break.
This blog now belongs to each and every one of you to comment on anything you care to blog about for a while. Sort of like open mike – if you know what I mean.

  1. Bea-isms says:

    I will make the first comment here. I took this off of one of my Facebook friends posts.

    “Donald: Trump’s forename is Scottish. His mother, born Mary Anne MacLeod, immigrated to the United States from Stornoway, a large, sparsely-populated island off the coast of Scotland. Mary had an older brother, Donald MacLeod, and grandfather, Donald Smith[1]. Donald is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name, Domhanll, which means world-ruler[2].
    John: Trump’s middle name is the English derivative of the Hebrew name, Yohanan, which means Graced by Yahweh[3]. Yahweh was a god in the pantheon of the ancient Canaanite religion and later the monotheistic god of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
    Trump: Donald Trump’s father was a German immigrant. When he arrived in the United States, he spelled his surname, Drumpf, but Anglicized it to Trump. His earliest known ancestor was a lawyer, Hans Drumpf[4]. This shifting of d to t in German has been common, e.g. vader → vater (English: father)[5]. Drumpf is a corruption of Trumpf, which is derived from the German word, trumme, meaning drummer[6]. It is likely that one of Trump’s paternal ancestors was a military drummer, used set marching pace and communicate other orders[7].
    Thus Donald Trump’s full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.”

  2. Savannah says:

    Interesting, you spelled out the NAME.

  3. jim says:

    Will FPL wait until the new council is seated before making another offer for the Shores? Will it be less than 30 million? They really could offer 15 million and it would be accepted, correct. I mean, aren’t these 3 council persons bought and paid for? Stranger things have happened. What will the reaction of the City residents be when they realize the sale that they thought they were Guaranteeing by electing Moss and Sykes was not the sale of the entire system? It’s going to be interesting.

    I’m assuming that Harry will be our mayor.

    Thanks, Jay Kramer, for your service.