Wilson’s Mea Culpa That Did Not Last

wilonWhen I hear or read about Charlie Wilson….the first thing that comes to mind is the expression – “sore loser”. Even when he has no clients to manage he seems to still be obsessed with “trying” to be a player in the political arena. Just read the article in Inside Vero https://insidevero.com/2016/10/25/wilson-files-election-complaint-against-insidevero/ to understand what I am saying.

In this article Wilson claims Inside Vero has no local address and is not a business. LOL. Look who’s talking. Apparently he is trying to prove his point from his warped point of view that Inside Vero has no right to print a printed election edition because it will interfere with the PJ and 32963. What a joke. Since when are any of us in this country not able to print an opinion paper regarding elections?

He also implies in his diatribe that Marc Schumann is not really serving the people of IRC well because the owner and editor of Inside Vero no longer lives in the County so he is not really qualified. How naïve of Wilson to come up with this lame version of his reasoning. Maybe he forgets that the chief reporter regarding Vero Beach and Indian River County politics and issues for the 32963 rag is Liza Zahner who does not live in Indian River County.

And, to be sure, Wilson is quick to dismiss anything written by Bea-isms because I now reside in Ohio. I guess he does not understand that with streaming, (watching things such as City Council meetings live on the internet) is an everyday occurrence with the business world in this day and age. I know this because he sends me ‘nasty” blogs all the time telling me that no one pays attention to me anymore and he tells me that he reads Bea-isms as a joke. Well, Charlie Wilson, the joke is on you – not me. Yes, I do live in Ohio and I do not write on Bea-isms as often as I used to and the few folks who still read what I have to say have expressed to me that they do not want me to pull back altogether so, thank you for giving me something to write about today.

By the way, what ever happened to his recent mea culpa when he stated that he is retiring from politics? What a joke that statement was. His latest rant against Inside Vero just lets me know that he is still there. The real test to his being “out of Politics” will be during the next election cycle when he can get no clients to manage and make money off of. After all, when his best effort to elect Wesley Davis to Property Appraiser failed I would think that he would have a hard time getting any client. Why do I say that? Well, Davis was probably one of the most lovable and popular elected officials in the entire County, and Charlie Wilson, his campaign manager FAILED to get him elected. In fact, truth be known, it is widely assumed that the Charlie Wilson connection to Davis is why his bid for Property Appraiser failed. Too bad Davis did not listen to me years ago when I tried to tell him this.

I usually let Marc Schumann’s Inside Vero say most of what I would normally be writing about, but as I have said in the past, Charlie Wilson is the guy in town that just keeps on giving…..giving me a reason to write about him and keep you all informed on his dalliances’.

The only thing that would top all of this would be for Wilson to be connected with the Sykes, Wells and Moss campaigns. That would be a sure loss for all three of them in the upcoming Vero Beach City Council race.

Vote for Old, Young and Gorry if you care to keep Vero Beach intact.

  1. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, I have only blocked about three people from allowing their blogs to become public on Bea-isms and Charlie Wilson is one of them. He sends be blogs all the time and FYI, I have him permanently blocked from allowing his blogs to become public.

  2. dian george says:

    BEA———–Laura Moss is Charlie Wilson in a skirt. He has her doing the dirty work for him. He and the Elks Club are the losers. So nice that we don’t need to to have him in our face.

  3. Mark Schumann says:

    Charlie Wilson may not be formally connected with the Moss, Sykes or Wells campaign, but I strongly suspect he is coordinating his attack on InsideVero with input and advice from Vero Beach 32963 publisher, Milton Benjamin.

    In addition to his assertions of fact being wrong, Wilson is also incorrect in describing our recent print edition as “electioneering communications.”

    1. Our reporting on campaign contributions from Indian River Shores residents and Florida Power & Light is simply matter-of-fact reporting.

    2. All six candidates were given every reasonable opportunity to submit answers to our questionnaire and to write guest columns. Laura Moss, Lange Sykes and Norman Wells chose not to participate. That choice was theirs. I assured them the print edition would not include an editorial endorsement by InsideVero.

    3. My commentary, as well as that of Milt Thomas, Lynne Larkin and Ken Deign makes no mention of specific candidates. The only column referencing specific candidates is one by Honey Minuse. Minuse’s column is thus labeled as electioneering communications.

    4. Finally, all the political advertising in our print edition carries the appropriate disclaimers.

    5. The print edition is clearly the product of InsideVero.com. An ad in the edition gives our web address, where anyone who is interest to can discover who publishes InsideVero, and can see there how to contact us. It is all very upfront and above board.

    Wilson and Benjamin can see it any way they want, but they are barking up the wrong tree.

    Further, I think Benjamin is hating the fact that I learned of his intention to challenge our right to publish. He was probably hoping he could hid behind Wilson on this one. I suspect Benjamin’s original objective was to dissuade the candidates from advertising with us. Now that we have published, the island bully must make good on this threat, or risk appearing to be a blowhard. I cannot know his intentions, but this is what I suspect.

  4. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Just when we thought we were safe from Charlie Wilson’s rantings and ravings, up he pops again. I don’t know what is going to happen in this election, but whatever it is, I’m prepared. And I’m thinking about attending Indian River Shores town meetings and make a nuisance of myself like some of them have at COVB meetings. You are where you are supposed to be but we’re still connected with you and Bea-isms. Thanks, Bea!

  5. Cedric says:

    If anyone thinks 30 day wilson is out of politics ,they are wrong. Charlie knows he cannot be up front with any candidate so he pretends to not be involved any longer. He learned his lesson on the Davis campaign.When word leaked out he was the running the Davis campaign Davis lost many votes which handed the election to Nolte. Laura Moss is a puppet of 30 day wilson and maybe the other two Indian River Shores puppets are also.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    I guess it all boils down to the fact that Uncle Miltie is probably miffed and disturbed by the fact that you and I still have a followig.

  7. Cedric says:

    Marshmellow man from Indian River Shores in the 32963 zip code is trying to put a stop to the truth and facts being made public. Bob and Amy do a great job of controlling the news. Still waiting for FPL increase to be made known. Won’t hold my breath.

  8. jim says:

    Laura Moss introduces herself, at Council meetings, as Laura Moss, chairman of the Utility Commission. Why?? Should she not give her address, like everyone else? In all reality, she should give her address followed by “Pilar’s puppet on the utility board”. Just because you are running for election doesn’t mean the rules change for you. I’m offended. I am also offended by the 3 candidates who are using outside money to try and win election.

  9. Cedric says:

    Sure Moss and Turner speak, but it is 30 day wilson who is pulling the strings on her well orchestrated ,but dull performance for a council seat. She is maybe the worst utility chairperson to ever occupy the seat. She is so well rehearsed, boring, and a sellout to FPL and Indian River Shores. I hear thru the “grapevine” that “the IRS 3” know Old and Young are winners so they are only going to vote for themselves for the third seat.

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric, only voting for ones self is called bullet voting and most candidates do that. I sure hope there is a grass roots group who can get out the vote for Old, Young and Gorry. By the way, I don’t want to sound out of touch, (which I am) but, how many seats are up for grabs? I would hate for Howle to get any support now that the red headed hen is no longer going to be serving with him.

  11. jim says:

    3 seats. I am beside myself knowing Pilar will soon be gone. She accomplished one thing in her time on the council. She ravaged the sign department of the City. So now, even though we have a Regional Airport, wire signs in the right-of-way are all we have to direct people to it. I hope someone takes her street sign. She will have a hard time getting the city to replace it. It’s a good thing that her city funded pavement of her cul-de-sac is complete.

  12. Cedric says:

    If two of the three Indian River Shores puppets get elected wilson will take credit,and Indian River Shores will have reduced rates, but Vero will have higher electric rates and HIGHER taxes. Just a reminder, Refer all future problems to Barefoot and his Indian River Shores council. They will be making all major decisions in the future.

  13. Cedric says:

    Charlie Wilson is up to his old tricks. A news paper article says 30 day wilson has filed an election complaint against the respected Indian River Neighborhood Association. 30 day wilson knows all about election complaints since he was removed from the Vero city council a few years ago. wilson probably sought the endorsement when he ran for city council 2 years ago. Looks like he didn’t get the endorsement and seeks payback . PS he finished 4th in a 5 person race. Nice showing 30 day.

  14. Bea-isms says:

    Charlie Wilson loves being in the limelight even when he is filing a frivolous election complaint. Makes him feel so needed. Wow. Yep, it’s time to put him in his place once again by electing Old, Young and Gorry to the City Council.

  15. Cedric says:

    Yes he likes the limelight but likes back room smog better.Lets give 30 day wilson his due he has a creative imagination.