My Anti Media Vote because the Media Sucks

media-sucksAs most of you know, I do not live in Vero Beach any longer and the longer I am away, the farther away from the everyday politics I get. That is just the way it is. From what I am reading, things are not much different than they have been since I left. There are still the usual suspects inserting themselves into the local politics. In fact, the ones who are inserting themselves into the Vero Beach City Council race don’t even live in the City and they are still, and will be, puppets for Indian River Shores and FPL. So what else can I say that Mark Schumann and his gang at Inside Vero are not already saying?

Now, having said all of that, let me jaw a bit about the Presidential election. I have been rather un-involved in this election because I do not care for, nor do I want to support, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. But, after watching and thinking about the first debate between the two of them I have decided to support Donald Trump.

Why, you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you why. I am not necessarily supporting Trump as much as the fact that I am giving him my vote as an ANTI MEDIA vote. That is right, I am so sick of the Media steering the boat and steering it in their direction that I cannot any longer sit back and let them beat down everyone and anyone who do not share their personal agendas and platforms.

During the debate they shoved their garbage questions at Trump and badgered him to the point that even the most novice would see that it was pure BS and had nothing to do with his positions on the issues. But, they certainly did a good job of playing into Hillary’s hand by forcing him to answer these garbage questions. Now, wait a minute that still would not give me a reason to war against the media IF they had done the same to Hillary. My goodness, having a personal server and not paying heed to confidential material regarding her e-mails and all that she has done to cover up her sloppiness with regards to confidential material is by far more pertinent to a presidential debate rather than the fact that over 20 years ago Trump called a former pageant winner fatty after she went from 118 pounds to over 150 and was not in compliance with the pageant rules when she gained all that weight. Hmmm.

The media has a responsibility to question controversial things of either candidate that pertain to our government and they clearly are giving Hillary Clinton a pass. So, I will give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt because I believe a vote for him is a vote against the type of media bias that we have been subject to for far too many years. If Trump were able to win the presidency against this media bias headwind it would be a win to celebrate.

Maybe he is not the best guy out there to lead our country however, I think he is capable of surrounding himself with good people who will be qualified to do their respective jobs. And, that is more that I can say for Hillary and her minions.

  1. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, I am boycotting the media. I don’t know any other way to do it.

    BTW, I have had two private comments stating that I have lost all credibility with Bea-isms bloggers because of this post. So be it. I just am sick of the media to the point where it is hard to keep this to myself any longer.

    Going into this Presidential election I have always known I could not vote for Hillary….don’t like all the baggage the Clinton would bring to the White House and I don’t like Trump but I detest the media.

  2. How about all the attention Trump got from the media in the beginning? I thought it was abundant. It gave him clear advantage over the other Republican candidates who probably would’ve beaten Clinton.

    Fox News is not anti Republican. Do you consider them part of the media? They are fair and balanced.

    It is a sorry election, and it is disappointing.

    The sad part is this quarreling will continue and continue.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Cannot argue with you on this post Barbara.