My Anti Media Vote because the Media Sucks

As most of you know, I do not live in Vero Beach any longer and the longer I am away, the farther away from the everyday politics I get. That is just the way it is. From what I am reading, things are not much different than they have been since I left. There are […]


Chit Chat

“I had announced that I would be retiring from election campaigning after Tuesday, and I am sticking to it” writes Charlie Wilson in his letter to the editor. Do you really believe him? After all, he has said this before and it seems that every election cycle he jumps right back in. Do you think […]


The Winners and Losers

It’s been one week since the primary elections and I guess I’ll weigh in. As always, there are winners and losers. I had two disappointments. One was the fact that Joe Earman did not win and the other disappointment was the loss that Jay Kramer suffered in his race against Bob Solari. If Kramer and […]