When is a Demotion a Promotion?

demotionWhy is it in the political world when someone gets a demotion it is called a demotion and in the world of the Pee Pee Jay when he gets demoted they make it sound as though the person got a promotion? Just asking.

In a recent headline by Eve Samples it read: Did Sen. Joe Negron just get a demotion?

State Senator Joe Negron headed up the Senate Appropriations Committee for the past two years which gave him a lot of clout over billions of dollars in State Spending and giving him a leg up in his quest to become the president of the State Senate in 2016.
Negron has spent the past two years as the Senate’s top budget-writer, and all of a sudden the Senate President appointed him to a less influential leadership position: chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice. Hmmm.

So, maybe Eve Samples needs to write another article titled: Did Larry Reisman just get a demotion? LOL

That’s what I was thinking as I read the Larry Reisman column where he tried to make a demotion, IMO, sound like a promotion. The Orientals call that saving face.

Okay, now let me get this straight. Reisman used to be the editor of the Press Journal. I know because I sat and chewed the fat with him many times in his office on the second floor of the Pee Pee Jay in Vero Beach many moons ago. Then he got shipped off to Syberia, oops, I mean Stuart and the next thing I know is he has been demoted from editor of a newspaper to being editor of the editorial page. Big Whoop.

OK, so maybe he saved a little face with that promotion/demotion but let’s get real Larry. Looks to me like you have been relegated to being a pseudo replacement for the long gone Lemmonator I found it a stretch to believe this move by the Scripted ones to be a promotion. LOL

Reisman says his new “promotion” to Pee Pee Jay community editor will give him more time to have closer relationships with his neighbors in Indian River County. Yeah, sure Larry.

Hey, Larry, if this new “promotion/demotion” does not work out and you find yourself out maybe you can get a job selling advertising for the Lemmonator. That is about all you can read in his latest venture – ads.

It is beginning to look like the Scripted paper from Stuart is going to try to get a bit of a cutting edge on what is happening in Vero Beach so they dubbed the Wixon gal to try to “dig up the dirt” in Vero and “promoted/demoted” Reisman to doing a local column. Hmmm.

It looks to me like the big shots at the Pee Pee Jay have made a few moves to try to counter what is happening in Vero Beach with regards to news and commentary. And, what would that be you might ask? Are Reisman and Wixon the answer to their prayers? In my humble opinion I think the Scripted one will have a hard way to go to beat the likes of Bea-isms, InsideVero and 32963

I would say that the Wixon and Reisman team will not be able to hold a candle to us. Just saying.

  1. savannah,ga says:

    I would have said only Beaisms and inside vero.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks savannah but I thought I would give the 63 rag the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Ed Taylor says:

    Larry is an excellent writer with a unique and knowledgeable perception of Vero Beach. He has always been a tremendous asset to the Press Journal. Having him as a columnist gives us a reason to read the paper rather than avoid it.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Ed…Thank you for your opinion but….I am going to agree to disagree. He is an excellent sports writer but he has never proven to me to be a people person, thus I don’t look for much in the way of good writing when it comes to the crazy cast of characters in Indian River County who will play a part of the news in the coming years. Especially when it comes to fair and balanced writing about the Vero Electric sale.

    He will prove to the public that he is more interested in keeping his job rather than good reporting. Of course, that is my opinion and I dare say, it will probably be the opinion of most of my readers.

    Again, Ed, thank you for the input and let’s hope I’m wrong and your right. Only time will tell.

  5. Cedric says:

    Bea, You are correct in your opinion of PJ’s Larry. When it comes to the electric sale he is not fair and balanced; he is one-sided and controlled by the Bob and Amy point of view. He was and will be squeezed as much as the licenseplate counter was.

  6. jim says:

    I once considered a career in journalism.
    Also thought about radio. I made the right decision and chose neither. Both would have meant selling my soul to the devil.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Jim and Cedric….I guess we all agree on the Reisman thing.

    Jim, I think becoming a blogger like me is the answer. I do not sell my soul to any devils…LOL.

    In fact, Blogger Bea, is free to say it like it is…no sugar coating and I seem to be doing just that. I don’t think anyone has to always agree with me but from all the years that I have been doing this I can honestly say I do not lie. An opinion is just that, an opinion. And, that is what I do….give my take on things that I think are of interest to a lot of people.

    And, if I think Larry Reisman will be a bore to read because he is either not knowledgeable enough regarding things that I find interesting , nor is allowed to print the truth on certain subjects as Cedric has pointed out, then so be it.

    And, that is my opinion of the “new and improved” Pee Pee Jay, and I’m sticking to it. At least I am not publishing some form of “yellow journalism” that is in front of you at every diner in town and the Taxpayers Office which is full of nothing but advertising.

  8. Cedric says:

    Bea, What is Licenseplate Lemmon up to these days ?

  9. Joan says:

    A community editor sounds to me to be more of a social editor. The ppj has always had a county writer and a city hall writer. A community writer sounds like he will be going to all the events and fundraisers in town, not the important meetings. What is in a title????
    I just hope he doesn’t go over to the dark side.
    Have you read Ray McNulty lately at “32963”? LOL he must be practicing to write a novel. I read it when I get my car washed.

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric…In answer to your question, “what is licence plate Lemmon up to these days? Well, he writes a yellow paper called Lemmon Limes and places it in a lot of the coffee houses and if you pick it up to read what he has to say you will have to read past the advertisers in order to find a tiny bit of Puff that he writes about. I see it all the time and I have only picked it up twice and found it to be a very disappointing read.

    My question is this, how does he rate a spot on the table at the Taxpayers office? And, if that is the case why do we not see InsideVero and 32953 there – or better yet, maybe I should drop off a stack of Bea-isms cards to be placed on the table at the Taxpayers office. Just saying.

    Joan, a community writer columnist….Hmmmm. Very interesting.