Tom Cadden Resigns

downloadTom Cadden resigns from Indian River Shores town council and it looks like Michael Ochsner will soon replace him.

Ochsner, served on the council for four years and in the 2013 election he was beat out of his seat by the current vice-mayor, Jerry Weick. Michael Ochsner has applied to fill the seat being vacated by Tom Cadden. BTW, Jerry Weick, Vice Mayor of the Shores was a big contributor to the Charlie Wilson campaign.

Michael Ochsner served briefly on the Vero Utilities Commission, but he  had to step down because he was a ratepayer. Because of him being a Vero Beach Electric Utility customer he has been a key player in the Shores law suit against Vero Electric. He seems to think it is as easy as just saying “We want the same rates as FPL rates, therefore let’s just sue the city and opt out.” Nothing more will ever come of this other than billable hours for the many attorneys who will join in this fight….IMO.

Boy, if getting the same rates as FPL were that easy, I would think all ratepayers from  all over the state would try this ploy.

I suppose, in the long run, Cadden will be sorely missed on the council, but, if there have been any Sunshine Law violations with regards to members of the Shores Council, perhaps Cadden will escape any of these accusations.  I suppose he will continue to play an important role with the Shores and Vero Beach law suits behind the scenes and Ochsner will be out in the open with his role if he were to replace Cadden.

And, while this musical chairs routine is taking place at the Shores, Vero Beach City Council continues to work at lowering rates. And, you can mark my words on this – every time they get a lower rate for all the ratepayers who are on City of Vero Beach Electric, they will probably be criticized for doing so. They will be criticized by the County Commissioners and by the Shores elected officials and of course by the new “naysayers”. These new “naysayers” will continue to say no to cheaper rates in order to justify standing behind FPL. Hmmm.

I read that the latest criticism came from the “63” rag, stating that the city is making changes on the OUC contract that will be worse than the current contract. Hmmm. It was my understanding that very little changes will be made to the existing contract with OUC other than a cheaper wholesale price is being negotiated. Vero is asking OUC to give them the same wholesale price for fuel as what they are giving Lakeland.

And, get this folks…While the musical chairs are going on in the Shores the County goes all the way to Tallahassee to get the PSC (Public Service Commission) to listen to their plea about territory’s in the hopes of dumping the City of Vero Beach Electric service in favor of FPL and what do they do….They asked for a postponement. LOL

Word has it that the County was probably not going to get the answer they wanted with the PSC – so, they postponed the whole thing to a later date in the hopes of the Shores doing their dirty work about this territorial question. I wonder how much money that trip to Tallahassee cost the IRC taxpayers.

I think what the County and the Shores is trying to do with their electric rates would be like me driving into a “high priced” gas station and demanding the same cheap price for gas that I can get at Sam’s Club. Just saying.

  1. Woodburner says:

    I think the Shore’s complaint will be deemed frivolous. They have the burden of proof..and it’s just not there.

  2. Woodburner says:

    I also don’t think that Cadden can dodge the Sunshine Law violation just by quitting. If a law was broken, it was broken. it’s all in the timing..let’s see what the SA says…..

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Woodburner – they will all dodge the Sunshine Law violation because there will be no one out in the community who will file a suit against them. It’s business as usual with all the politicians.