The New Naysayers Should Leave Vero Beach Alone

Picture1The New Naysayers Should Leave Vero Beach Alone

By Bea Gardner, Creator of Bea-isms


Did you know that the City of Vero Beach has an agreement to buy their wholesale power from the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) thru the year 2028? That’s a fact.

So, who could fault the City of Vero Beach for trying to re-negotiate the existing agreement with OUC in order to try to get a better deal on their wholesale purchase?

Jim O’Connor, City Manager, and recently acquired attorney “Schef” Wright quietly went about the business of some soft negotiations with OUC for the purpose of getting cheaper rates for Vero Electric customers. They were not asking for much….just asking for the courtesy of OUC to give the City of Vero Beach the same rates they were giving the City of Lakeland.

The results of these initial negotiations are underway and of course OUC probably wants some take in this give and take type of negotiations so it may be debatable at this time as to whether or not Vero has much more to give. They are really just saying please, please, just give us the same rates as what you are giving to the City of Lakeland. Yes, we have Stanton 1 and 2 and St. Lucie that maybe could be woven into the deal but mostly it is just a pretty please, help us out, we want the same rates as Lakeland….Please help us out.

Now, getting back to the City’s contract with OUC….Yes, it is true that the City is committed thru 2028 to buy wholesale power from them, so, why are we hearing from the dark side – the new “naysayers” that Vero Beach is adding more years to this contract just to get cheaper wholesale rates. That is not true.

Let me say this again – the thing on the table with OUC is to try to get the same rates that they are giving Lakeland. Oh, I know, we have a few things that we might have to give away to get better rates from OUC but adding more years to  the existing contract with OUC was not an item on the bargaining table from what I am being told.

So, “Scottie Boy” Stradley ought to sit down and wait for the real deal, if in fact there ever will be a real deal, between OUC and Vero Beach with regards to cheaper rates, and he should not be putting garbage into the minds of the public about the City having to extend the OUC contract past the time that already exists on the City’s contract with OUC. That contract is now in existence through the year 2028 and to my knowledge it is not being negotiated to be extended in order to get the cost down today.

Shame on you Scottie Boy, and shame on you PJ for trying to confuse the public on the City’s efforts to get the rates down.  But, then again, wasn’t Scott Stradley the same guy who publicly accused Jay Kramer for openly supporting Gov. Rich Scott in the election. Hmmm.

As I stated, the old sell crowd are now the new “naysayers”. They make up the new crowd who are now saying “NO” to lower rates. Go figure. Now that the sale is all but DEAD, this new group of “naysayers” are saying no to any and all efforts that the City of Vero Beach is willing to do to get us all cheaper rates.

In fact, Commissioner Wesley Davis is so against Vero Beach trying to get cheaper rates that he would like to see the County put an injunction on Vero Beach for doing so. Honestly folks, I could not be making this up if I tried.

While the new crowd of “naysayers” are saying no to cheaper rates, they continue to throw good taxpayer money after bad by supporting lawsuits that will go nowhere except to cause yet even higher rates. What the new “naysayers” are really saying is – “I can’t believe this scheme did not work. We thought we had everyone fooled into thinking that there was nothing left to do with Vero Electric except to sell it to FPL.”

Get over it guys…the sale is dead and the lawsuits will only cause higher rates and by all means….leave Vero Beach alone.

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  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Perhaps people heard the year “2016” so many times in the past few years that they assumed that year was the end for everything. Or is that just the date of the next Presidential election? See? I’m confused but it doesn’t take much for me when it comes to such matters. Make it clear…….Bea Lady who keeps us posted.

  2. Cedric says:

    Poor Scottie Boy, first his side is defeated in the recent election and then he is voted OUT of the chairmanship of the Utilities Commission. Not a very” shocking” development at all. What is next for him??? His follow the leader mentality was not in the best interest of city residents, nor was his blind following to his leader Charlie Wilson.

  3. Dian George says:

    Hey Charlie, did you pay your fine or are you hiding? A word of advice to Pilar Turner–Be brief, be concise and be seated. I can feel the energy pick up, we are on a roll. Thank you Randy Olds, you couldn’t have picked a better woman than Linda Hillman. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. The new city council, now you can do what is good for our city==we gave you the power-so take it and run with it—we deserve it. Go Mayor, Go Jay, and go Amelia, and, go Randy Olds–for the first time since Tom White–I will leave the driving to Greyhound and I will sit down, relax and know our city is in good hands. And Pilar Turner “silence is golden”. Charlie Wilson said I would be disappointed–Charlie, I am so elated I ran a 26 mile marathon and didn’t break a sweat.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Looks to me like a whole new attitude and approach to running the city will be happening over the next couple years. It is amazing how getting rid of Tracy Carroll and then Craig Fletcher and being able to squash Pilar Turner has changed the flavor on the council.

    I can see four votes on most important issues and maybe five by dragging Tuner into the loop – kicking and screaming of course.

    Dumping on Mark Mucher on P&Z and putting Linda Hillman in his place was definately a step in the right direction along with quieting down Scottie Boy by taking away his gavel on Utilities Commission. I feel confident that the Utilities Commission, under the leadership of Herb Whittall will be in good hands. Looking into an Utility Authority will be a tough mission but a much better mission without Scottie Boy leading the group, I am sure.

  5. Curtis Carpenter says:

    Actually, the last time Mr. Wright and Mr. O’Connor met with OUC, their negotiation included abbreviating the termination date of the contract to 2023. Mr. Stradley knows this. I don’t know why it’s confusing.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Curtis, It has been the job of Scottie Boy, the Mooch and the Professor of Baloney to get out there and confuse. Now that the three of them have been put out to pasture the lies and exaggerations will probably stop.

    Yep, Charlie Wilson lost his election bid, Stradley is no longer running the show on the utilities commission and the Mooch has been put out to pasture from his duties on the P&Z. In fact, the scene is so copacetic that Bea-isms has very little to say this month. What a blessing for me.

    Oh, and one more thing that I can’t write about anymore is the Disney-Brombach law suit regarding the Shawn Frost residency lies. Yep, I heard they dropped the lawsuit. Just decided they wanted to get on with their lives. So, the winner is….drum roll please…Shawn Frost. I guess it really does pay to lie.

  7. Curtis Carpenter says:

    I see Lisa Zahner is repeating the lies of the trio you mentioned above in Vero News. I guess nobody questions these people about what they print. I’ve had voted apathy in the past, now I’m experiencing reader apathy.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    I just pressed the like button Curtis. LOL