The gloves are on or…Are they coming off?

mbc_fighting-582x375At the last minute, the County Commission backs out of their lawsuit with the PSC and at the last “mediation moment” the Shores decides to hold off on their lawsuit against Vero Beach.

Now, ain’t that special?

Seems as though Jay Kramer was right all these past few years when he opposed the sale of Vero Electric to FPL because he said he knew it would be futile unless Vero were able to shake loose of its contractual obligations. Since that turned out to be next to impossible Kramer began to speak about lowering rates as a means of getting closer to an FPL rate for everyone. And, that is what the current “new and improved” City Council has set out to do. This too is a daunting task because the past few councils were so focused on a sale to FPL or bust, they not only went about it all wrong, they managed to raise your electric rates about five times over these past years.

So, now to save face about suing the City, it appears that the Shores will hold off on their lawsuit while the City attempts to show ways that they hope to be able to reduce the rates.

Wow, looks like Indian River Shores has charged their attorney to draw up an “options review period” so the City can tell them how they plan on lowering rates and the County attorney has promised not to delay their hearing with the PSC again as they will be asking the PSC what options the County will have when its franchise agreement ends with Vero Beach in the year 2017.

Oh, wait a minute. There might have been a knockout punch in round three and it happened so fast we almost didn’t notice. Seems as though the City of Vero Beach voted to also file with the PSC asking for clarification on what, if anything, should happen when the franchise agreement with the County expires in 2017.

So, what does all of this mean? Is the County and the Shores throwing in the towel or are they just getting ready for round two. Time will tell. I say, if it is round two and the Shores are looking to come out fighting again in March and the County is going to come back into the ring in February with the PSC, then they better be ready for round three. Or, did the City show them a taste of round three when they too filed with the PSC for clarification?

I guess things are getting a little more interesting again. Can you say billable hours? BTW, I never knew an attorney yet who did not like a fight. Whether or not they thought they could win does not matter, it is the fight and the billable hours that matter to the attorneys involved.

  1. Mark Schumann says:

    Recently, I made a public records request of the Shores for copies of invoices received today from attorney Bruce May and/or the law firm of Holland and Knight. At least a few members of the Shores Town Council carry on email communications as if they are exempt from the Florida Sunshine Law. Let’s see they also believe their Town is not subject to Florida’s public records laws.

    • Bea-isms says:

      It’s beginning to feel like most of the local politicians and would be politicians think they are above the law….and they are usually right because these things are not very easy to prove in a court of law and even it you were to try to prove a Sunshine Law violation, it would probably be too costly to pursue.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Mark, it seems as though this law, Sunshine Law, is no longer of any concern to most of the elected officials in Indian River County.

    Someone has to file a written complaint and probably spend a fortune with personal attorneys to be able to set these guys straight on this law and to my knowledge….Who would that person be?

    No body seems to care these days however I can say that I care and I think you care and it will remain our lot in life to continue writing about these kind of infractions of the law.

  3. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    It’s just another little addition to the long list of “What Makes Florida Politicians Look Like Total Idiots”. Outsiders love to ridicule Florida for hanging chads and other fun stuff. Maybe we should make sure network news people know about the many Sunshine Law transgressions – for when the news is experiencing one of those “ho hum” days.

  4. jim says:

    Just so everyone knows, If you honk your horn for me to go, its gonna be a long ride down A1A. The same if you make a hand gesture of any kind. Or, if you are driving a Lexus. And stop texting, people. It kills.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, Why did you put this note on the blog? Not that I mind.

    That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Someone sat at the light after it turned green and I had to honk to wake that person up. They got so mad at me for honking that they drove real slow just to irritate me. LOL

  6. jim says:

    They were probably texting. My point is that we all should be more patient and please, no horns. Always amazed how the folks so quick to honk their horns can’t seem to find their turn signal. Also, constantly changing lanes to gain a small advantage at the next long redlight is wrong. hen you ride a motorcycle, it is amazing what you see.

    • Joan says:

      You are right I have noticed people using their phone at red lights or stop signs. Its very difficut at 4 way stops, you have to guess what they are going to do. What is so urgent about the cell phone?

    • Terry says:

      A reason some are slow at traffic lights is because they don’t want to be T-boned by those who run red lights. Even so, there are some people who are too busy with cell-phones to notice what color the light is or which lane they are in.

      • jim says:

        Terry, you are exactly right. I am not going to be the first into an intersection and the impatient person behind me has no right to make me put myself in harms way.

  7. paul griner says:

    with the drop in oil and gas prices how is it that our electric bills fuel “illegal city slush fund/tax) charge hasn’t dropped? I’m thinking that several X city officials should be held liable and in court. JUST SAYING! I’m in the real estate business and it is no joke that people are making decisions on where they want to live based on CITY or FPL power….