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downloadHo Hum. Ho Ho Ho and Bah Humbug.

Not much to write about these days with Karen Disney-Brombach dropping the residency law suit against Shawn Frost, the County dropping their potential suit with the Public Utilities Commission, or shall we say putting it on hold, and FPL still holding the City of Vero Beach hostage to a sale that cannot be executed as it was written.

The interesting thing that has happened was that it appears that some serious sunshine laws have been violated by various people and entities but…..so what.

It is becoming the norm for everyone in this County to break the laws as long as it serves their purposes. Can you say, Commissioners Tim Zorc and Peter O’Bryan and a whole bunch of the gang from Indian River Shores? I cannot count the ways. I guess Brian Heady was right when he called them all Liars, Cheats and Theives.

It seems as though Mark Schumann, editor of InsideVero, is the only person in this area who is questioning any of this in a meaningful way. I heard he has filed a complaint with the State regarding the apparent Sunshine Law violation by some of the players in the Shores.

Speaking of Indian River Shores. Seems as though they are bound and determined to sue the city of Vero Beach even though the odds of them winning are slim to none.  Oh well, as Bob Soos always says, billable hours.


  1. Mark Schumann says:

    Just to clarify, I did not file a complaint with the State Attorney’s Office, so much as I called the story to the attention is Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor. I don’t assume he reads InsideVero. I do think it is reasonable to assume Taylor and his colleagues in Bruce Colton’s office read the Press Journal. Unfortunately, though, the editors at the Press Journal lack the news judgment and the courage to serve as a serious, responsible community newspaper.

  2. Joan says:

    The lawsuit was not dissmissed as Veronews says. Disney~Brombech did not want to spend the time and money required for the suit, so she dropped it. It really unfair that the only way these people can be stopped is by a citizen coming forward with a complaint. And I have lost faith in the state attorney’s office. The elections supervisor should be given more power to do something about all thi.

  3. Mark Schumann says:

    The SAO may be far more interested in prosecuting people for violating probation on petty drug offenses. It would, of course, take some courage on Colton’s part to investigate the Shores Town Council.

  4. peter gorry says:

    PJ reporting

    For over a half a decade Ed Berashenck covered the VBE issues. for the paper. Since his departure, a number of different reporters and columnists have filed stories and articles. a number of whom seem to be rather overwhelmed by the complexities, nuances with limited knowledge of, experience dealing with the issues and not in command of the facts.

    Although I may well disagree with Ms Zahner’s perspective, commentary,analyses and conclusions in 32963, she at least is grounded in understanding the issues and background.

    The current bevy of TCPalm reporters assigned to covering VBE and the City of Vero Beach are collectively, to be charitable, have a grasp well behind their reach.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      Last week, Zahner reported that the latest offer from the OUC would require Vero Beach to commit to pay for a minimum of 85 megawatts of power through the term of the agreement, even if the courts should force the breakup of Vero Electric. What Zahner told her readers is simply not true. So what if one is in command of the facts, if they twist those facts beyond recognition?

      • peter gorry says:

        Who is to judge which is more egregious, those who write knowingly skewing the truth or those who write from afar dimly aware of the issues, on assignment to meet tomorrows deadline.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    So, what you all are saying is Bea-isms and Inside Vero, with our large readership, still does not hold a candle to the PEE PEE JAY and they are rather useless.

    And to think that the PPJ is now calling one of their cubs a watchdog reporter! Colleen Wixon’s first watchdog reporting article was the announcement that Disney-Brombach dropped the suit against Shawn Frost. LOL

    Now, that’s real watchdog reporting. So, who’s she watching to get her watchdog reporting news. My guess is that she is watching Bea-isms and InsideVero.

    Where was she when Mark and I were beating the residency fiasco regarding Shawn Frost.

    Oh, I forgot, Wixon’s Watchdogging does not start until Dec. 15th. And, she says she’s counting on YOU to send her news. Hmmm.

    • jim says:

      I’ll be sending her a bunch.

    • Robert Brombach says:

      Just a note the pj never even took interest in the race. The thought that the people that work for them would even think of actually investigating the facts of what was going on seems surreal. There is no journalism anymore, just print what someone says, without checking to see if it is actually true or based in facts. Seems that is going on in every media forum nowadays!! Just saying.

  6. peter gorry says:

    Dog watching at the new VB Dog Park and minding pets for absentee owners can indeed be enjoyable.

    Challenging the local nefarious, mean spirited Pit Bull specious politicians is another matter.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, Do you think she will print what you send her? This could get interesting. Let us know.

    • jim says:

      Hopefully. The other local publications have discounted my insight, for the most part. That’s why I love Beaisms.

    • Terry says:

      This seems a good time for a relative newcomer to IRC to ask this question: Is Milt Benjamin’s antagonistic attitude toward the city of Vero based on wanting high rises or is it simply snobbery?

  8. Cedric says:

    As long as Bob is in charge at the PJ we will never get unbiased reporting. He squeezes reporters like a juice maker squeezes lemons.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Terry, I think there are a few things in play regarding the “63” crowd and the antagonistic attitude towards the city over and above the two things you mentioned.

    Their cub reporter, LZ has a strong liking to Glen Heran and the whole sell crowd of FPL admirers and she will always write strongly in their favor even when she knows not the truth….And, the truth is that the sale is dead….She and her editors do not realize that truth as yet.

    The other reason, IMO, that they have a strong dislike for the City is that they have taken their lead from the City’s biggest critic, Commissioner Bob Solari. Solari ran for County Commissioner on the platform of the City was not well run and he has proven over and over again that he intends to run it into the ground in order to take it away, at least he is trying to take away the city’s two enterprise funds – Electric and Water and Sewer. I think he is finding out that the City residents are not the Rubes he thinks they are. LOL

    And, the snobbery aspect 0f the “63” takes hold because they ultimately want to break away from the City and be Vero Beach and let the “townies” who live West of the River be called West Vero…..Sort of like Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

    • Terry says:

      Bea (and others)

      Thanks for the info. One point that I tend to disagree with is that LZ knows not the truth. In my opinion, she does know but I thinks she’s paid to spin it so that’s what she does.

  10. Cedric says:

    Emperor Bob Salami and his minions will never be allowed to split the city. We the people will never allow it. But Emperor Bob will try to have it unincorporated; we the people will not stand for this either. The Emperor does not have any idea what is on the mind of Vero citizens and never will. He should climb down from his Ivory Tower.

    • Terry says:

      This may relate to answers I received to my other question. I recall reading that the Orlando Utilities contract had been changed but do not remember details about it. A neighbor told me that the city council allowed staff to tell them what to do instead of vice-versa. I hope as a county resident I’m not stepping on toes of city residents.

      • Joan says:

        We pay staff money to run the city. It is the responsibility of city council to set policy. Staff does come up with recommendations but the council votes on it. Council people are not experts on say finance or utilities,they have to depend on staff for a lot of info.

  11. Cedric says:

    I do not put any trust into anything LZ writes. I will give her credit for being very cleaver with words and phrases. She has an agenda, pushes that agenda and is seldom ,if ever, objective. Benji is no better.

  12. jim says:

    Rep. Mayfield is a puppet, I guess. Sad.

  13. Cedric says:

    Mayfield is certainly not her own person. SHE is a puppet as you have just stated. Bob Salami is the puppet master with Glenn in a supporting role of playing the carnival barker for Salami and other entities. The puppet troop is named Fools Puppets and liars or FPL for short.

  14. peter gorry says:

    On the Howdy Doody show, Buffalo Bob was the leader, Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, Mr Bluster, and Clarabell the Clown (who later was Capt Kangaroo) all performed as scripted; the Peanut Gallery cheered them on. Seems after all these decades the the show is having reruns.

    I remember as well the Mickey Mouse Club where absurd fantasies were presented to its pre puberty viewers.

    Not entirely cemented in the past, have watched Dora the Explorer with the grand kids. A cartoon fox Swiper seeks to abscond with all valuables. Seems some here are likewise determined to steal what they can from our City.