Time for Party Politicians to Clean House

MTK-house-cleaningNow that the local elections are over it will soon be time to turn our thoughts to the next presidential election. Some may think it is too early to be thinking about the year 2016 but I know better, especially when it comes to partisan politics. And, as I will begin to explain….partisan politics is not only beginning to be a blight on the country, it is beginning to be a problem in our county as well. We seem to be giving a lot of bad guys a pass just because they call themselves Republicans.

I always assumed that all the years that I spent as a member of the Republican Executive Committee of Indian River County gave me a handle on all things Republican however, I now know how wrong I was. The REC in Indian River County cannot even keep their own house in order so how will they ever be able to manage a push for a Republican presidential candidate? Just asking.

Let’s reflect for a moment what has taken place locally during this past election with regards to the Republican Party. The local party has three members, Scott Stradley, Dan Stump and the Vice Mayor of Indian River Shores, Gerald Weick who blatantly broke their pledge to “the Party” by running a negative advertisement against Jay Kramer, a fellow Republican. Jay is not only a member of the REC but he holds the elected position of the State Committeeman for Indian River County and that makes the misdeeds of these three all the more egregious.

Now, let me explain, when you are sworn in as a member of the Executive Committee as is the case with Stradley, Stump and Weick,  you pledge to the Party that you will not openly support a non-Republican. And, as Ronald Regan said, “You should never speak badly of another Republican. Well, Scottie Boy Stradley and the Stump, along with the lighted Wick broke out on all counts when they went after Jay Kramer with a postcard sent to the Democratic Party during the past election. The post card did a major bad mouthing of Jay Kramer and he got criticized for supporting Gov. Scott. The postcard was  worded so as to  incense the Dems into disliking Jay Kramer.  This post card was sent to the Democrat’s hoping it would steer them away from voting for Kramer. Well it apparently did not work because he still won his election for a seat on the Vero Beach City Council. In fact, he was the highest vote getter in that election.

So, what point am I trying to make? Here’s my point. Where is the outrage from the Republican Executive Committee regarding the wrong doings of the three supposedly loyal Republican’s responsible for this post card that they sent out?

Oh wait a second, the general membership of the REC probably do not even know of this incident because the leadership chooses to do everything behind closed doors – even an expulsion if need be would probably be done behind closed doors. My guess is that if a person goes to six more months of REC meetings they probably will not notice or miss these three “oath breakers” as being removed , if in fact they are removed from the Party. Better yet, knowing the REC as I do,  they probably never will be removed from the Executive Committee. Me thinks they should be exposed for their wrongdoings…not kept in the Republican closet regarding their act of malice towards Kramer. The card was an obvious noncompliance of the oath that they took to serve on the Executive Committee.

In fact, to let you know what a secret society the REC has become, I heard the Vice Chairman resigned and the party loyal who are called “the membership” have not even been told. My guess is that these meetings will be business as usual, with the membership sitting on their hands during a meeting because their voice is not to be heard. The Chairman will continue to snooze during the speaker portion of the meeting– whoever that will be,  and then each Republican club will announce the date and time of their meeting as though that is the only new business to conduct and then there will be adjournment. Now you can see why it is that I resigned from this august body of local politicians. LOL


Why take an oath if nothing will be done when someone does not abide by the oath as what was done by the three guys that I have mentioned during the heat of this last election? My guess is that the lack of leadership is where the problems lie.  And, that is why I am beginning to think that the problems that are noted in the REC locally will spill over to the National Election.

Seems as though everyone still wants to do business as usual and the local Party leadership, whoever that seems to be, appears to be working very hard behind the scenes to get behind Jeb Bush for President. What a waste of time and energy to be of the mindset that the country really does want another Bush. In fact, when I have had the nerve to mention Jeb as a possibility for the next president to anyone outside of the Executive Committee they laugh at me.

I am beginning to think a complete overhaul of the local party will be necessary in order for this county to be of any importance in the next Presidential Election.

It’s time to clean house and a good start would be with Scotty Boy, The Stump and the Wick. Too often the bad apples in the party have been allowed to stay on the Committee for far too long and the water has been badly poisoned by the likes these few. I personally resigned from the Executive Committee in order to be able to write about some of these bad apples.

One more thing….Don’t think the Democrat Executive Committee is any different. I hear it is in the same quandary with its fair share of do nothing members and bad apples.

It just might be time for both parties to clean house. Just saying.


  1. savannah,ga says:

    a viable third party would be nice.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, If there were such a thing. Maybe Rand Paul will pull it off as a Libertarian but….I doubt it.

    • savannah,ga says:

      As much good as you do locally, most don’t read you yet. nationally and statewide is beyond us in this county. Jeb? no dynasties. sorry, that is like voting another Obama lite aka Romney.

  3. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Speaking of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, we have our eyes on those three. I guess human nature and ideals take separate paths now and again. If we’re lucky, someday someone will reunite the two. I’m very sorry the political party cliques are like the cliques from high school days. The stakes are much higher now than in school, and the more the political cliques talk about what’s right and moral, the less there seems to be coming from those groups. Just my opinion. Am grateful COVB seems to have survived in spite of it all.

  4. peter gorry says:

    Current political parties seem to be embracing a labyrinth of uncompromising agendas, a kaleidoscope serving special interests, dysfunctional internal functionality, unresponsive to the common weal, and a myoptic tunnel vision of extremism and intolerance from their perspective which is abhorrent and rejected from a majority of us who are moderates expecting policies which encompass all of our people.

  5. Mark Schumann says:

    “…nature is not slow to equip us in the prison-uniform of the party to which we adhere.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Why do so many people seem to believe casting their lot with a political party give them a license to stop thinking for themselves?

    • peter gorry says:

      Seems that some are required to take oaths pledging allegiance to a party.One may wonder what banner they display on the Fourth of July.

      Such is their choice, a crucible of our freedom. Vicksburg MS did not celebrate the Fourth from 1860 until 1945 when victory was near in WWII. And a time when this Country was united not eviscerated by partisan politics.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Hey, you guys are good. I recently freed myself from being a partisan and I love the freedom.
    Now, having said that, I still think the Republican party in IRC has no backbone because they will continue to allow membership like the Stradley, Stump, Weick set the example of what they say they do not want to happen. LOL

    They ought to clean house and stand for something….

    When I got involved it was because I believe in two things and the Republican Party seemed to give me the best shot at those two things and they are…..Less government in my life and more personal responsibility.

    I think the Repubs and the Dems fail on both counts.

    • savannah,ga says:

      Time to come to the dark side of independence. I can feel the anger inside of you, strike him down and join the dark side ..

  7. peter gorry says:

    Only when the malaise of the maize maze of the corn stalks whither and the fields be cleared can there be a better trek to the future.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Savannah, I will probably not go to the dark side of independence because I still believe in checks and balances…the two party system.

    I only wish the two parties could get back into the swing of checks and balances.
    Obama care was a good example of what I mean.

    To pass a bill like this…over 2000 pages in the bill…to pass it in the middle of the night with not one single votes from the opposition party is no way to govern…I am sick of it.

    There is so much of that going on at the federal level and we have no control of it but….on a local level we should be able to get a grip on issues such as the sale of the electric and come to terms in a much more copacetic way….For instance, after four years of trying to get out of the electric business and $2 million later we find out we can’t sell…then it is time to let it go.

    But, we are a divided county and therefore half of the county not only cannot let it go but they now want to spend our taxpayer money on lawsuits to carry on a with a dead deal.

    That’s what I mean about stubbornness on the part of politicians and it is no different here than in Washington.

    • savannah,ga says:

      I tire of the dynasties here and corruption. I bet if we went to city hall and looked up families names it would be a lot of them there. sometimes its good to have fresh blood in office. that way the corruption is kept on the down low.

      • Joan says:

        And you would be wrong.

        • savannah,ga says:

          so we should only elect families that been here for decades? that are even from this town.

          bea isn’t native to vero, we have Hogan and sons, which is pretty old, predates the electric grid itself and they aren’t too fond it. I know that stuff, I wouldn’t blindly vote them. but to assume that because one is from this county and of said “dynasty” doesn’t mean they are good for the county and vero. ie the man Tim Zorc, Frank Zorc held office and has been here Longer then I was alive. I used to see his name in the side walk at miracle mile as a kid, Zorc and sons 1969. I was born in 1973. yet well about Tim Zorc, also a native.Fletcher also a native whose dad was killed on the barber bridge(the originally concrete draw bridge) is a native as well.shall I continue?

          • Joan says:

            I think you misunderstood, you said city hall. There really haven’t been many “dynasties” elected. A lot of council people have been recent transplants that don’t know the history of the city. I can’t remember Frank Zorc holding any office. As far as Fletcher he wasn’t re elected the first time around, people must have short memories of what he was like.
            Look up the list of councils in the last 40 years and you will see what I mean.
            And lastly corruption is a very strong word, I have not seen it at City Hall.

          • savannah,ga says:

            im not afraid to admit I was in error.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Hey savannah…Joan is right. Remember when we elected three newcomers at the same time – Tracy Carroll, Pilar Turner and Jay Kramer. Things have never been the same. Right Joan.

    Seems like Jay Kramer is the only one of the three that took a real liking to Vero Beach as it was – a bit of Mayberry as he likes to say.

    The hens just wanted to sell Vero down the river and one hen is still trying.

  10. Cedric says:

    Eventually the public will oust the red hen as they did with the blond hen.