School Board Overlooks Jimenez….

1-politics-as-usual-samuel-nygard We have talked so much about the recent election and the organizational meeting that took place in the City of Vero Beach  elections that it took me a while to get around to watching the School Board swearing in and their organizational meeting. And, as I watched the meeting I realized it was politics as usual as I saw the most deserving person get overlooked for the Vice Chair position.

Once I got into watching the School Board meeting I recognized that what I was seeing is exactly what I am coming to realize as to  what’s wrong with the world. I saw all of that  in that one meeting.

First, let me say this. I abhor watching someone get sworn in when I know that they are being sworn in with a cloud hanging over their head. And, that would be Shawn Frost. To my knowledge, he had been served up to the courts based on the fact that it appeared that he had run for office in an unlawful manner. Let me explain, the election laws state that to run for the School Board you must lawfully live in the District in which you are running. Mr. Frost certainly will have a hard time proving that in the courts. In fact, not only did he seem to be stretching his residency location during the race, I am not convinced that he even lives in the District 1 now that he has been elected. If he does not live in the District that he serves, than he certainly should not have been sworn in.

I guess we shall have to wait until he gets his day in court before we will know the answer as to his legalities regarding residency. I hear it will be in Cynthia Cox’s 19th District Court but that it could take months until the case is heard.

So, getting on with the meeting. Again, I dropped my jaw when the votes were being cast for the Vice Chair because after Matt McCain was elected Chairman of the Board there was only one clear choice for the Vice Chair and that would have been Claudia Jimenez.  Here’s the way that went down.

Shawn Frost nominated Charles Searcy, Searcy nominated Dale Simchick and Matt McCain nominated Claudia Jimenez. Dale Simchick quickly declined the nomination saying that the Vice Chair will have to put in a lot of extra hours helping in the search for the new Superintendent and she would not have the time to do that. Wow, Dale, your slip is showing on that one if you get my gist. What she portrayed to the public was that she does not have the time to be a school board member and work full time in the Sheriff’s office and too bad for the district….having a member openly say they don’t have time for the job. At that point, things went from bad to worse with Simchick during the next few minutes of the meeting because after she declined the nomination, the vote was called and the first vote was for Searcy and…..yep, you got it. Dale Simchick overlooked the tenure and the qualifications of Jimenez and threw her vote to Searcy. So, in that split second, it was all those in favor of Charles Searcy for Vice Chairman please say aye. Shawn Frost – AYE.  Charles Searcy – AYE and Dale Simchick – AYE. So much for experience and tenure.

Now, for those of you out there who wonder why Simchick voted for the cantankerous Charlie Searcy I can only assume she was showing a very sick allegiance to her friends in high places in the Republican Party and ignored Jimenez because she is known to be a Democrat. But wait a minute….the School Board is a non-partisan race and it should not be an issue as to what party you are registered in as to how you vote.  And, since Dale Simchick threw down the partisan gauntlet I believe she will be forever of little or no value as a School Board member for the rest of her term and I also believe she will be un-electable in her next race if she chooses to do another term. Just saying.

So, as I watched the School Board meeting….Searcy went against the grain and would not support Superintendent Fran Adam’s recommendation for the principal of the Wabasso School in a four to one vote, Actually Searcy did ask Superintendent Adams if they had fingerprinted and profiled the candidate and I thought that was odd of him to ask that question when he himself refused to be fingerprinted and profiled for his position. Just saying.

As I was saying, Shawn Frost probably got sworn in without being legally qualified and Dale Simchick overlooked the experience of her fellow School Board member Claudia Jimenez for the Vice Chair position and voted for Charlie Searcy instead.

I saw so much of what goes on in the world of politics in that one meeting that it actually sickened me because it reminded me of what goes on at the National level. All the good work that was done over the years to make the board function in a smooth manner under the leadership of Carol Johnson seemed to have faded fast in that very first meeting.

I did see Kimberly Keithahn in the front row watching the meeting. I wonder who else was in the wings?

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I’m not familiar with some of the folks involved in the school board, but I am acquainted with Claudia Jimenez. She is an incredible lady. She has said that politics does not belong in school board, but then nobody wants to hear that. I would vote for her regardless of the position she was seeking. The new guys on the board? No comment.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Maybe Claudia said that politics does not belong on the school board but….that does not seem to be the case with the three newest members of the school board.

  3. Charlotte harris says:

    Sad commentary. So much for leading by example. Frost should not have won.