The Residency Law is Clear

The residency law is very clear with regards to School Board Candidates. It states that a candidate must establish legal residency in the District in which he/she can run as a qualified candidate for the School Board on or before he files. Did Laura Zorc know that this the law is very clear regarding School […]


Thank you Milt Benjamin

Now that Henry Lee Jones has been sentenced to a life in prison without parole, I hope and pray that the entire Simson family will find some solace in the fact that the person who murdered their beloved Brian will no longer be on the streets and can no longer be of harm to anyone […]


 No More Three Hour Lunches for Me Please

Remind me never to go to any such meeting where there are two speakers on three subjects and the first speaker droned on and on plus was asked to do Q & A before the second speaker was brought to the dais. At the Taxpayers lunch today….two speakers were on the agenda to speak about […]


On Air with Bob Soos 11/12/2014

              Not much to bark about after the election so today’s show was fun fun fun. The real news of the day will be after I write about the Taxpayers meeting today.            


Time for Some Chit Chat

Now that the election is over and most of the talks about the All Aboard Florida high speed passenger train has been vetted ad nausea what is left? AAF appears to be a “done deal” whether we like it or not and the sale is a “dead deal” and the Oslo boat ramp has been […]


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