And The Mayor Is….


See the shout out at the bottom of this article.

A little bit of Bea bashing went on during a stream on someone’s Facebook yesterday. I decided not to get into the fray any deeper than what was posted however I want to re-post this persons post about Bea-isms on Bea-isms in order to defend myself.

Here is what the guy said about Bea-isms:

“But my attitude about stems from the practice of descending views being deleted from the comments line… I mean what’s the point in participating?”  That statement by this person is an outright lie.

I have only deleted about two or three comments in all the years of writing my blog and I am sure that I probably had a good reason to do so. Now, having said this…..there is one person who is definitely BLOCKED FROM BEA-ISMS, no matter what he wants to spew and that is Charlie Wilson. Sorry folks, I will not entertain his need for nasty and his posts will remain quietly in my Bea-isms trash bin. LOL


Now that we have that out of the way….let’s sit back and enjoy the day and get ready for the fur to fly tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 17 is the big day when the newly elected Vero Beach City Council officials get sworn in and once they are sworn in they will elect a Mayor from among themselves. This is the way it’s done.

Now, I have attended a lot of these Vero Beach re-organizational meetings over the years and they never seem to come out with the results you had anticipated. I doubt tomorrow’s meeting will be any different.

I remember one such meeting where there was a tie vote for Mayor, with one abstaining.  After many  tie votes it was agreed upon by the two candidates that the decision would be made with the flip of a coin as to which of the two would reign as Mayor for that year. I was sitting next to my dear friend, the late  Jim Granse, and he offered up his silver dollar that he carried with him. His coin was tossed and what do you know – with the flip of a coin, Craig Fletcher became the Mayor of Vero Beach that particular year. I believe the silver dollar has been framed and I don’t know if it belongs to Craig Fletcher or does it hang at City Hall?

I also remember one time when there were about 12 or 13 votes for Mayor and it was split down the middle and finally, in exasperation, a new name was put into the mix. How so after all these votes? Well, at that particular time Warren Winchester finally broke the gridlock by nominating himself for Mayor and sure enough he won. That too was another nail biter re-organizational meeting.

There were two Mayors that seemed to have the support of the entire council for many years to hold the position of Mayor on a fairly regular basis and they would be Jay Smith and most recently Tom White.

Will Dick Winger have a continuous run at it or will Jay Kramer, the highest vote getter in this most recent election get another shot of serving in that capacity or…….?

I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to get the answer. Stay tuned.


And the Mayor is: RICHARD WINGER

And the Vice Mayor is: JAY KRAMER

A very moving speech by Dick Winger clarified that he still has some work to do – things to finish up on and things to follow up on before he would care to relinquish the Mayors position and he very graciously requested Jay Kramer to continue to be his Vice Mayor.

Interestingly, it was mentioned more than once that the organizational meeting can be done at any time and it may be revisited again in about six months where there could possibly be a change of guard with Jay Kramer stepping into the Mayors position and possibly at that time Amelia Graves would be voted into the Vice Mayors seat.

All in all, it may have been a disappointment to Jay Kramer but it was all very cordial and very sensible.


  1. Joan says:

    The time of the infamous coin toss, Jack Capra was supposed to be on the council but had resigned due to being called to active duty, that is why there where only four on the council. Eventually Jay Smith was appointed to serve out the year. I hope that its Jay Kramer who is elected Mayor and that he goes back to the 3 minute rule during public comments.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Jan, if you will recall, Jay Kramer was the Mayor who did away with the three minute rule. Personally, they could bring a lot of sanity to the meetings if they did public comments at the end of the meetings rather than in the beginning. That would be a good start.

    Speaking of Jack Capra…Just today I ran into the couple who bought his condo and they also have a place in Jacksonville where he lives.

    Jack is running for State Rep in Jacksonville. Small world, huh.

  3. Joan says:

    I have not watched that meeting but as far as what Mayor Winger said, mayor or council they all have the same “power”. He could finish anything at any time.
    Did the council redo the 3 minute rule in the charter?

  4. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Mr. Winger has a PowerPoint presentation he’ll be giving at tomorrow’s meeting. At least it sounds like he and the others are not hung up with just discussing electric utility. I am confident the 5 members will give it all they have to keep Vero Beach the special place it’s been. I have faith in their abilities and those of staff. Saw the meeting on my treadmill TV at fitness place – ended up walking two miles while watching it. THAT was good for ME.

  5. Walter says:

    In the Faherety news letter he says Winger got his term extended for another 6 months to “finish” described unfinished business for the City.