Wilson Trying to Appeal to Low Information Voters

low-information-voters22Well, here we go again. Since no one with half a brain will listen to Charlie Wilson and his blathering any longer regarding his campaign for a seat on the Vero Beach City Council, he has resorted to putting in a letter to the editor trying to appeal to the usual “low information voters” who only get their information from the Pee Pee Jay.




Wilson states in todays letter to the editor, while talking about the health of the Lagoon: “If other candidates and council members will join me and stop fighting against the sale, I will join them to earmark $3 million of the sale of Vero electric proceeds to immediately convert these critical systems.”


Hey Charlie, why don’t you stop trying to co-mingle funds and  issues? At the rate Turner, and her sell, sell, sell buddies were going, there would not be $3M worth of profit to co-mingle. And, don’t you think the public is tired of your phony baloney figures when it comes to profits anyway? LOL

Mr. Professor of Baloney, I ask, where were you when Pilar Turner was asking the council to ask the ratepayers of Vero Electric to cough up $26 Million to make a sale possible?

Now, let me explain that in plain English. According to the now “dead deal sales agreement” that Turner and Carroll and Fletcher voted for, we got wind of the fact that behind closed doors, FPL was apparently being asked to throw in an additional $52Million dollars to close the sale and FPL was pretty quick to get the talking points out that that maybe they could do this if the ratepayers would pay half of their tariff – $26M.

So, if you have to throw everything in except the kitchen sink ($26M) to try to finish off the sale then simple math tells us that the sale, even if it were able to be executed, was going to cost the ratepayers an additional $26M to try to make the sale happen. So, where does Wilson come up with the lame brained idea that there would even be $3M profit to give to the Lagoon? Unbelievable, he is– simply unbelievable.

I think this recent letter to the editor from Charlie Wilson clearly shows his desperation as a candidate by trying to co-mingle issues – the sale of Vero Electric being a “dead” issue at this time is turning out not to be such a good issue for his candidacy so at this late moment in the campaign it seems as though he is trying to appeal to the voters as a “Lagoonie”

BTW, since the Lagoon is such a big issue, especially with the County’s Elected officials, I predict that Charlie Wilson, after his loss for a seat on the Vero Beach Council,  will soon be looking to run for a County Commissioner seat because of  his undying concerns for the Lagoon. LOL

So, will we soon be calling Charlie Wilson a “Lagoonie” or just a plain and simple GOON?

Vote for the OK’S. O for Old, K for Kramer and S for Shupe.

  1. Cedric says:

    Bea, No one with even half a brain would follow Charlie anywhere, anytime. Another hopeless attempt to breath life into his downward spiraling campaign for the council. He has lost what little self control he had with his vicious name calling and rude finger pointing at others. Why is Charlie so obsessed with selling to FPL? He is aware that a legal and binding contract exists between the city and FPL so why the soap box? Could he possibly think that FPL will come to his financial rescue if he keeps pushing the sale? They should have learned by now it did not work for Tracy Carroll. Charlie’s a loser in this election, and he knows it. His tantrums may get worse as he sinks deeper in the polls.Calm down Chuck,it’s all over for you.

  2. Woodburner says:

    What a show of desperation! LOL

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Here’s a good one for you. I heard that a
    very interesting group of 5 people were knocking on doors in Vero Isles looking for votes. They were Glen Heran, Pilar Turner, Harry Howle, Jackie Solari and Matt Mohler.

    Now, who is missing in this group? Oh my goodness, it is Charlie Wilson.

    Matt Mohler is hoping to become part of the picture and the poor guy is probably going to be on the wrong side again if this group of city council candidates is who he chooses to support. Just saying.

    I remember many moons ago when he ran for City Council and lost to Ken Daige (on Daige’s first run). At that time the Boss Hogg, Gary Wheeler tried to bring Matt into a winning position by embracing the IRNA and Mohler said no way and in waltzed Ken Daige.

    I’m going to guess Mohler still has distain for the IRNA. Oh well, live and learn.

    Again, I say, too bad for Charlie Wilson. He cannot even score with this group. Ha Ha. He’ll just have to depend on the Kareoke Krowd at the Elks for his votes.

  4. Hazelnut says:

    Hey all!
    Just popped in and I must say I am mystified! Use the proceeds from a sale that isn’t likely to happen in this decade, if ever, to help the lagoon? What? KeywordS: LAGOON will get HELP when the ELECTRIC SALE is complete. Yes folks, and the ELECTRIC sale will stop AAF TOO! Wheeeeeee! Let’s not forget the OSLO BOAT RAMP – oh wait! That isn’t a City of Vero thing but why not toss that in there too???Gonna get it done, huh Charlie?
    Wonder(er)s never cease!! LOL

  5. Bea-isms says:

    Hazelnut, I love when you chime in. I almost forgot about the Wonderer.

  6. Cedric says:

    Bob Salami says he is against AAF,fine. His wife is out on the Vero campaign trail with Pilar Turner, her running mate Harry Howle,the ever present outsider Glenn Heran, and the AAF lobbyist. Nothing like playing on both sides of the AAF issue. Either way they think they can’t lose. Pilar Turner has to explain to us plain folks how she can be against AAF and go out knocking on doors with the AAF lobbyist. After this turn of events Turner and Howle have no credibility. Pilar and Harry are playing on both side of the tracks, but this AAF connection may derail their campaign efforts.

  7. dian george says:

    Remember Matt Mohler? Ran for city council in 2006 but wasn’t elected. He is another one living in Wellington and had a driver’s license with a Wellinton address and decided to run for the city council of Vero Beach. With three weeks to go with the election, who else will show up-by the way, Inside Vero comment giving the run down on Matt Mohler failed to mention the time he lived in Wellinton and worked there and that was when he ran for City Council in Vero Beach.

  8. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    So Charlie wants this little trade-off—you scratch my FPL back and we’ll use (nonexistent) funds to reinvigorate our lagoon.
    These kinds of deals are something that I don’t want to touch! A deal like this has no guarantee and frankly sounds plenty shady. The worst part of it is we’d be stuck with Charlie–assuming he isn’t tossed out after the FL State Atty gets through with him.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Wow, Dian, you really do have a good memory – about Matt Mohler. Now that you mention it, yes you are right. He came to town right after his father passed away, but I never connected that fact that he was not a city resident.

    I guess tomorrow is the test as to why Matt Mohler is sticking to Commissioner Salami like glue. He practically sat in Salami’s lap at the Taxpayers candidate forum on Wednesday and every-time Pilar opened her mouth they clapped, even when she lied about the Cemetery and they got excited for the Howle guy too. It was very obvious.

    So, it should not surprise anyone that he is going door to door with Solari’s wife. What I would like to know is what is the pitch when they get someone to answer their door. Are they pitching for AAF (All Aboard Florida) or are they pitching for Turner and Howle or maybe they are doing double duty.

    The real truth will come out tomorrow at the AAF meeting at City Hall. It will be interesting to hear and see where Bob Solari goes with all of this.

  10. savannah,ga says:

    Bea, if I recall correctly the fec did have up to the late 70’s a double track from Miami up to Jacksonville. they removed them tracks. it was triple tracks near Hogan &Sons.Flagler wanted to allow north and south bound traffic non stop. why should we pay for something they should haven’t done in the first place?

  11. Mark Schumann says:

    A couple of interesting posts on Wilson’s Facebook page today

    Leah Facto: Bravo, Charlie Wilson, and thank you so much for an amazing evening! The talents of Kent Taylor Brown and Johnny Nick were incredible. But best of all, the room was packed (and I use the true meaning of the word “packed”) and you were surrounded by 100+ people who truly understand how important it is to get you elected to the city council to save both the city of Vero and an entire county of residents who are impacted financially by the poor decisions being made by three people.

    Heather Rae Sultzman: You’ve got our vote! Great night Charlie!

    Wesley Davis: Mine too if I lived in the city. Go Charlie.

  12. Cedric says:

    I doubt Charlie had that many people at his event. It was probably the usual crowd who frequent the place anyway. Nice try at inflating the numbers. One of Charlie’s problems is some of the people who support him do not live in the city. To those who don’t, STAY OUT OF OUR LOCAL ELECTION.

  13. Bea-isms says:

    Thank you Mark for the Charlie Wilson Facebook heads-up. I agree with Cedric. Most of the crowd at the Elks club would most likely be the regulars who attend all of the special events they have there along with a night out for dinner and drinks. However, after saying that I am sure he managed to get his usual gang of followers to attend and it was probably a lot of fun for the crowd. I’ll bet he even got up and gave the little old lady speech with tears in his eyes. Ha Ha.

    I think the interesting thing that was posted Mark was the Wesley Davis comment where he said “you got my vote if I lived in the City.”

    I have been trying to tell folks all along that Wesley Davis is close friends with Charlie Wilson and they even have had a business together at one time and Charlie will probably remain to be the Davis choice for campaign manager whenever he runs for another office. Just remember, as a campaign manager his Media Arts group kicks in and Wilson will get a take from all the money that would be collected plus a kickback on all things media like radio and tv ads and signs etc. This is how he makes a living.

    So, if you like Charlie Wilson you will probably like Wesley Davis. Just saying.

  14. Cedric says:

    Any friend of Charlie is…….. never getting my vote,ever.

  15. savannah,ga says:

    the dynasties and reigns of those that are incumbents for several terms must end. the problem is that no one challenges them.

  16. Bea-isms says:

    You’re right savannah. It’s hard to go up against the machine. I almost was able to do it but Davis, Flescher and Wheeler all used their machines (three machines) to go against me in order to help Zorc beat me. But, that’s politics and it will never change.