Vote for Lowering the Rates

VoteEarlyIconWith regards to the sale of the Vero Beach Electric Utility:

Some people will never be satisfied. This painful issue has grown teeth over the past few years and has hurt a lot of people, not just in the pocketbook, but socially! Too much mean, too much arrogance, interference and conjecture. Friendships have ended over this. When you hear the same thing over and over, even if it’s not 100% accurate, you start to believe it and become resentful.

It is time to vote and it is imperative to vote for City Council candidates that will stop this nonsense and work to lower rates, not support frivolous law suits that could, in fact, be a factor in higher rates. And, it is no secret that Jay Kramer has taken the lead to lower rates and it appears he is supported in his efforts by candidates Jack Shupe and Randy Old.

If everything gets implemented that Kramer has talked about doing, in order to lower rates, we could possibly see the Vero rates get close to FPL rates with perhaps only a differential of 7 -8 percent.

Now that the sale of the utility to FPL has hit a stalled, If not dead, position, it will be up to the Council to do everything in their power to implement everything possible to make all of this happen.

This possibility of lower rates would definitely  be a good reason to vote for the OK’S……Randy Old, Jay Kramer and Jack Shupe.

According to a recent Memorandum from Attorney Shef Wright, Vero Beach will soon be on the road to lower rates.

Customers could see a break in their bills of a total of $7 million per year in discounts for three years, then smaller discounts of $4.1 million to $5.3 million per year going forward. This is significant folks, and it is time for the community to get behind the City’s efforts to continue to lower the rates and to stop the “lawsuit” nonsense.

Early voting has begun. I know this because Charlie Wilson has been spotted holding up his “vote for me” sign at the library and I find it curious – Is he really a one man show with no supporters willing to hold up his sign? Dian George, where are you when he really needs you. Ha Ha Ha.


  1. Joan says:

    I received mailers from both Wilson and Howle. Wilson’s was in the form of a letter, Howle a poster size suitable for framing. I have never read such garbage and missiformation in my life. Words fail me. God help us if either one of the ” gentlemen ” get elected.

  2. Cedric says:

    We all know about Wilson and his bad behavior at council meetings and the Taxpayers candidate debate, but how many know about Wilson’s and Howle’s rants at the Press journal interviews. Both are masters of finger pointing and yelling.

  3. dian george says:

    Both Wilson and Howle will have to answer for campaign violations. Wilson on Oct 29th and Howle for a date to be set. Also I am sure Charlie is aware he is being investigated by FDLE for residence incompliance.

    • Pat Lavins says:

      Dian George is correct about Charlie being aware of the FDLE investigation. Unfortunately, the process is very slow and does not always produce logical results. I urge everyone to file a public records request for case number FP-32-0002.

      The State Attorney will not prosecute the most obvious exanple of voter fraud. This is s dangerous precedent that has the potential to wreck havoc throughout Florida.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    All well and good Dian but….the FDLE will not be much use to anyone because they will drag their feet and the election will be over…so, Captain Kangaroo will get off the hook on the residency thing, IMO.

    Now, this Howle character is a different story. I have heard he is a man with a short fuse and from all that I am hearing his is a pack full of lies on his campaign material…or if not lies, he is very much NOT very well informed.

    The nerve of him to put his party (Republican) on his flyer in a non partisan election and it is a clear violation but, again, he will probably get away with that too. I did notice that he claims to be a Reagan Republican but I noticed his wife is a registered Democrat…So, does that make her a Reagan Democrat?..LOL

    Howle seems to be well funded by developers and probably by developers all over the country who are salivating to get candidates elected in places like Vero Beach where development will explode once three such candidates get a foothold on the Council. He will say anything to get elected…what does he have to lose.

    It’s becoming evident to me that he needs to be stopped cold in his tracks, along with his cohort, Turner. She too wants to liberate the land for developers. Look out Vero…you are about to be bamboozled unless you make sure Turner and Howle and Wilson do NOT get elected.

    • Pat Lavins says:

      Bea is correct. The FDLE will indeed drag its feet until the election is over. I filed a voter fraud request and after a year of a criminal investigation the end result was that ALL of the allegations were affirmed. Yet the State Attorney is refusing to prosecute the obvious case of voter fraud that we have ever seen in history. However, we know not that a legal resident of Washingotn, D. C. can overnight self identify as a Florida resident. The State Attorney has set a dangerous precedent.

  5. dian gorge says:

    Howle will have a hearing date on his flyer violation. The last time Charlie was removed, I did not do an election complaint, but filed and went to court without State Attorney. If Charlie would get elected which I find unlikely, then I will do what I did the last time-take him to court. Even if he doesn’t win, I think FDLE has a good handle on the investigation. I wouldn’t want to be in Charlie’s shoe(s) right now.

  6. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Harry Howle and his 10 1/2 X 15 mailer, had a lot of nerve stating the Vero Beach residents …”voted in favor of a binding referendum that approved the sale of Vero’s Electric System to FPL”. The only referendums I recall were 1) the OK to continue TALKS with FPL 2) a tenative OK to lease the Power Plant property to FPL if a sale took place. We were assured by those who pushed the COVB-FPL deal that the above was ALL those referendums were.

  7. Linda Hillman says:


    I like to touch a little bit on the latest article that Mark wrote about on his Inside Vero last night concerning my signs. I too had spoken with Garry Holland about signs last year when I as going through the recall petition process on Carroll and Fletcher. I also spoke with Tammy Vock and Leslie Swan about the recall, however I touched on the wording with the Assistant Director of Elections. I wanted to be sure of the wording on the petitions in case I did get all of the signatures so they would not be thrown out because of lack of proper wording. That is when I was explained about the wording on the signs, and knew from last years ABC (Anybody But Carroll), that I had worded them correctly. So I am glad to hear that someone else (Mark Schumann)also questioned their legitimacy. Those signs could be Any Charlie or Any Turner…it just so happens that those two names are in the election lime light this year.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Any Charlie and perhaps any Turner….HaHaHa.

    Only the shadow knows.

    Way to go Linda..