Who’s Running the City – the Elected Officials or O’Connor?

It is becoming apparent to all who follow the City of Vero Beach politics that the City is being assailed and attacked from within more than from outside forces. Did you ever wonder how things are and how they ought to be and if things are run as they should be? As I recall the […]


My Ear Is To The Ground

I just read the Faheranty newsletter and I am astounded that they (Dr. Steve Faherty and Glenn Heran) are still preaching “Sell Sell Sell to FPL” The big news in his recent newsletter was the endorsement of what that crowd hopes is going to be a new troika…. Howle, Turner and Wilson. Here is exactly […]


Interesting News, Bad News and Good News

Interesting News: The US Army has completed but is refusing to release its investigation into the suspected desertion of Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl who walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009. His release, which was orchestrated and executed by the Obama Administration without the consent of Congress, swapped Bergdahl for the five most senior […]


On Air….Bob Solari – The Kramer Kritik

In the past, Jay Kramer’s been highly criticized, especially by Commissioner Bob Solari, regarding the Utility Sale and it’s finally becoming apparent that Kramer was right. He knew early on that FMPA probably was not going to be able to let the city out of existing contracts and we know the rest of that story. […]


Sunday Afternoon Musings & Campaign Chit Chat

Oh boy, oh boy. I was out and about on Sunday afternoon and my thoughts went directly to Russ “the Lemmonator” Lemmon. Seems as though every time I stopped at a light I saw an out of state license plate. I saw Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Wow, that’s three within one half hour. So, I […]


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