Look what we found in the trash can…

IMG_0565Two quick trips around town and all I saw was electioneering.

The first errand was at the post office and this is what I found. Two trash containers FULL of campaign material. (pictured)

I guess bigger is not necessarily better. Looks to me like the public is rejecting all this poster sized slick mailers that the well funded candidates seem to be sending out in great quantities this year.

And, most of the garbage mail (campaign literature) is not coming directly from the candidates as what used to be the norm in local campaigns.

Instead of the disclaimer on the bottom of their literature that says: This paid pol. ad is from (name of candidate) candidate for (office).

In today’s highly charged political atmosphere we see disclaimers such as Independent Conservatives for Better Schools, a PAC headed up by Laura Zorc in order to push her agenda and thru all of this outside PAC money she was able to get  an un-qualified candidate, (Shawn Frost) elected.

You ain’t seen nothing yet from this gal. She knows the ropes and she seems to be flexing her political muscle to make sure Gov. Scott does not get elected too because he does not align himself to her anti Common Core agenda. So, as I have said in the past, the ends do not justify the means and as long as the outside monies can be funneled into these PAC’s un-noticed and un-accounted for, we will continue to see more and more of this kind of slick – over the top campaign advertising…And, we will also see how turned off the public is to this kind of slick advertising.

If it gets past the Post Office trash bin it will surely land in your personal wastebasket before you read every word on it….That is my opinion about all this slick campaigning and I am sticking to my opinion.


The second thing I saw when I made a trip to the library was The Blond Hen going in to early vote and she stopped long enough to give the Red Headed Hen a big hug. Then, they both cackled hard and loud and off she went into the voting booths.


Oh well, soon this madness will be  over and we can all get our lives back.


BTW, if any of you bloggers would be so kind….I would like to have some of the disclaimers spelled out on your blogging comments because I do not live in the City and therefore I do not get any of this information.

I also heard that FPL is behind some of this PAC money….What are they calling themselves? Just asking.



  1. Mark Schumann says:

    FPL money is funding the Alliance for Better Florida Communities. This ECO is sending out giant post cards flat out lying about the saving Vero Beach residents can expect from the sale. Only when their lips are moving do I suspect FPL reps of lying.

    You won’t read a word about this misleading, FPL-funded political advertising in the “Scripps/FPL” Press Journal. FPL’s Amy Brunjes obviously has her husband, Scripps publisher Bob Brunjes, tamed. Whatever the Press Journal once was, it is no longer a serious newspaper. In the Press Journal newsroom there is now a complete absence of courage.

  2. Linda Hillman says:

    OMG….Bea, I just received the latest line of crap in the way of yet ANOTHER letter from Charlie Wilson. In it he has said quote “I was successful representing my neighborhood when I was finally able to get the County to change its plans and move the Go Line Buses out of our residential neighborhood”…he has to be bull –itting me??? Charlie, you were not at one meeting, not one meeting ever at all throughout the four year battle with the County and Senior Resources. Your next sentence says “Some people say that telling the truth is the same as dirty politics”? Charlie…your not telling the truth…ever!!! I am just laughing off my seat with your tales. You are NOT part of this neighborhood..like your post office box, that address is just someplace you park your car on occasion, you have never had anything to do with this neighborhood except ONE Planning & Zoning meeting that I invited you to by way of a neighborhood letter…and at that meeting you tried to get your soap box going with yet another mention of the Electrical issue. Get real…or can you? I hope this is just a one on one letter sent only to me Charlie, because this is truly unbelievable..no one in this neighborhood would ever believe what you just sent out…PROFESSOR OF BULL CRAP! Oh BALONEY!

    • Joan says:

      Linda I was going to throw the letter away, unopened. I just read it. What gall, I know he had absolutely nothing to do with the go line moving.
      This man is a liar, he probably believes his own lies.
      Charlie, be careful ” no mas pantalones”.
      And the PS……Go Indians…..
      He is just a disgusting person!!!!

    • Cathy Katrovitz says:

      Phil and I received the same nausea-inducing letter from Charlie Wilson. I was 99% sure he had nothing to do with your neighborhood’s discussions to get bus routes changed. And, we added the letter to our trash for tomorrow’s pickup. Are there a lot of pathological liars these days, or have there always been a lot of them around?

  3. Joan says:

    By the way no return address on any of his letters.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Linda, Did he really say HE WAS SUCCESSFUL to get the County to move the Go Line Buses? That is a real stretch of his political imagination. I suppose he will take credit for no hurricanes in Vero Beach last year too.

    He is getting more certifiable by the day and I wonder if he will just commit himself after the election. I’ve heard of pathological lying but he is beginning to look just plain pathological.

    I don’t think there is a person in the City who does not know that it was you Linda Hillman, who fought for the removal of the Bus Line in your neighborhood. And that was a lot earlier than his “quasi” residence in your neighborhood.

  5. Cedric says:

    Charlie will take credit for anything that turns out to be helpful to people. Will he take credit for being removed from the council after only 30 days? NO! Will he admit he was wrong with his FPL predictions that were WRONG by $90,000,000? NO! Charlie lies often as we all know. We are not even sure if he qualifies to run for a council seat. We DO know he disrupts council meetings, calls people names and because of this he is NOT going to be elected.

  6. Linda Hillman says:

    By the way Charlie…I sent a letter out to my neighborhood email list asking them to call you personally and THANK YOU for removing the buses AND to make sure they vote for you. Let’s see how many calls you get and how many votes from this neighborhood! Good Luck!!!

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Love your humor Linda. Way to go.

  8. jim says:

    Charlie Wilson is responsible for the Jake Owen concert, the Blue Angels, Art in the Park, and The partial lunar eclipse. The turtles nest here thanks to him and he can return the seagrass in 60 days after being elected.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    You’re right Jim but, the one thing he cannot claim is any responsibility for the Downtown Friday Event. I know that for a fact. LOL

  10. Cedric says:

    The Big Lie master Charlie Wilson states in one of his letters that Jay Kramer missed several economic development meetings, what he does not say is that these meetings conflict with council meetings. So you be the judge ,council meetings or economic development meetings. I think the answer is obvious. It is pure Wilson BS when he says he was the one who got the Go Line out of the neighborhood. THE BIG LIE from the KING of Liars. 30 day Charlie and his 6 month lease has a lot to answer for. He has a lot to answer for with his horrible behavior at council meetings. Compare him to the gentleman Jay Kramer and it is not contest.Kramer!!!!

  11. Susan says:

    Looks like you aren’t really up on the goings on around town. Laura Zorc sent out a letter statewide in support of Gov. Scott. As she said, Charlie will be all in for Common Core and make it’s implementation a feather in his cap to seal his cred as a national candidate come 2016. He’ll also be in with the unions against school choice, charters and a lot more cash. Laura would rather work with someone who has the potential to improve education in FL rather than someone who would advance his personal fortunes on the backs of school kids. And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at the national progressive PACs sending money into the state to support the Dems. What was that about a black kettle?

  12. Linda Hillman says:

    I posted a letter to Inside Vero about Wilson’s latest mailing and Mr. Schumann so kindly added it to his website. Thanks Mark.

  13. Joan says:

    I guess you can put and say anything on a political postcard or advertisement that you want. Are there no rules or guidelines that a candidate must follow? Some of the mailings and TV ads are downright disgusting.
    The charlie letters are a perfect example. There are people out there who won’t know any different.
    I wish that a complaint could be filed.

  14. Luz Gonzalez Maribona says:

    I am a vehement opponet of Common 9ore, aka Florida Standards, nonetheless I have worked tirelessly for his reelection. Florida’s future is dependent on him winning – I would rather have Problem-Solver-In- Chief versus Self-Promoter- in-Chief anyday.

  15. Bea-isms says:

    Joan, When complaints are filed most of the time they will go un-answered by the powers that be….

    Look at Shawn Frost as an example. He lied about what district he lived in….all the complaints in the world made no difference, he has been avoiding being served by the legal complaint by his opposition and most likely he will be sworn in as the newly elected school board member in district 1.

    He clearly broke the law by lying as to where he was living, and that is a lot more of a violation than omitting the word for in a campaign sign but he will surely get away with it.

    So, how could anyone expect to fight the lies that Charlie Wilson tells in a last last minute letter while he is desperately attempting to get elected?

    It is up to all of you to make sure your friends and neighbors do not fall for his crap.

    And, that PS…Go fighting Indians. Doesn’t that just make your heart go pitter patter for this “hometown” boy. LOL

  16. Cedric says:

    Yesterday I received a very nice picture of Charlie Wilson and Pilar Turner in the mail. I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t want it, but I got it anyway.
    I am sure it was paid for by the
    Parasites &
    Liars Club
    Again this year FPL is spending big money to influence our local election. This must stop ! We do not want candidates who are owned by anyone. The sale of Vero Electric to FP&L is dead,but these same parasites persist in their bloated figures in order to receive campaign cash from FPL.

    Why did Pilar Turner and Harry Howle go campaigning door to door with the All Aboard Florida LOBBYIST? Send the LOBBYIST from Tallahassee back and lets stop the 110 mph train.

    On Oct 11, the following people were knocking on doors in my area: Pilar Turner,Harry Howle, Jackie Solari, Glenn Heran and of course THE ALL ABOARD FLORIDA LOBBYIST FROM TALLAHASSEE. Send them all packing for the good of Vero.

  17. Linda Hillman says:

    vote them out….spread the word…this is “our” Vero Beach…it does not belong to FPL…AAF…lobbyist and “in it for me” local politicians….send them packing.

  18. Bea-isms says:

    “Howle paid $7,335.89 for “strategic counsel” from communications firm helping All Aboard Florida”

    This is in the Headline on InsideVero.

    Matt Mohler’s little consulting firm just got paid close to $8,000 to “handle Howle”.


    click and read for yourself.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      At least according to his Oct. 30 financial report, Howle has spent $18,158.89 with Front Line Strategies, the same communications firm working for All Aboard Florida.

      By the way, Wilson reported refunding a contribution from Matt Mohler of Front Line.

      • Bea-isms says:


        It was a very small contribution and returning it was simply a method of grandstanding for Wilson.

        I have nothing to say for him or about him because he is an empty suit….or should I say an empty head.

  19. Bea-isms says:

    After reading that City Council candidate Harry Howle paid All Aboard Florida lobbyist over $7,000 dollars for his Consulting Firm to handle his campaign I was just wondering.

    I wonder how much money Charlie Wilson paid himself to handle his campaign? After all, isn’t that what he does for a living? Just ask Tim Zorc or Wesley Davis how much money they spent with the Roo’s company called Media Arts??

    Oh Wait a minute, isn’t that company of his now in hiding for a while? Just asking.

  20. Cedric says:

    When Pilar Turner and Harry Howle went door to door with AAF LOBBYIST MATT MOHLER in essence they were telling the residents of Vero how they really stood on 110 MPH trains. They are out of step with 99% of Indian River County and most importantly their home town of Vero.
    Two other important questions must be answered (1) Why did Pilar Turner vote against AAF at a council meeting and then go campaigning with Tallahassee Mohler?
    (2) Where did Howle get the money to pay for Mohler’s services?

  21. Bea-isms says:


    I think originally Pilar Turner was in favor of AAF just like Solari was and when they stuck their finger out to see how the wind was blowing they quickly changed their story.

    Political season probably made them realize that being in favor of the train was bad for their hopes of getting elected. It’s all about politics and money.

    The real money came from the building industry for the Howle and Turner campaigns and look out – Lobster Shanty site.

    Remember, the builder of Quail Valley is keeping the site plans under wraps until after the election and don’t be surprised if they don’t try to get a five story/hotel building built there.

  22. Luz Gonzalez says:

    Laura Zorc is a supporter of Governor Rick Scott’s re-election. There was a Tampa Times article published wherein she was very clear about her support. Please review and get back to the facts in your blog. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/the-buzz-florida-politics/common-core-opponents-to-urge-support-for-rick-scott/2202842

    • Bea-isms says:


      Thank you for posting on Bea-isms.

      I stand corrected. I read the entire article in the link you supplied to Bea-isms and I agree….Scott is better by far than Christ when it comes to Common Core…but he is still going to follow the law as best he can and right now CC is the law….from what I know. And, yes, Laura will be supporting him, I can see that.

      Now, having said all of that, I still am concerned that there was not much vetting going on with regards to Shawn Frost. I spoke with Shawn Frost at length when he was in the race for County Commission against Joe Fletcher and he told me he was in the race to win it even though he knew the odds were against him with a well known incumbent.
      He assured me he was in it to win it no matter the odds and I told him it would be good to get his name out there for the next time a commission seat was up.

      Knowing what I know now, he could have got his name out there with a run against the District 2 Candidate, Joe Flescher and if he lost he could almost immediately gear up for a race against District 3 Candidate Tim Zorc during the next Commission election cycle. After all, he truly does live in the Zorc, District 3 district.

      But, somehow, the political machines got into gear, he was talked out of running against Flescher, and talked into running against Disney Brombach for the school board race.

      Not one ounce of “give a darn” towards the fact that he did not live in the Disney-Brombach district. And, for the record, you must live in the district at the time of running in a school board race. Laura Zorc knows that and she certainly showed bad judgement when she threw all of that support to Frost.

      So, what the voters in Indian River got was a Common Core puppet who ran for School Board and was elected with no regard for the voter laws that REQUIRE candidates to live in the district in which they run for office.

      Let me refresh you with this fact. He and his wife and children live in District 3, he decided to run for County Commission and he claimed his residence to be on pasture land in District 2 and then when he decided to run for School Board he claimed he was living in his fathers garage in District 1.

      So, in conclusion, I will give Laura Zorc my sincere apology for saying she was not in support of Scott for Governor however, I will give her a failing grade for not vetting her choice of District 1 School Board Candidate Shawn Frost. He certainly is a tainted candidate according to all who read this blog, and for your information I got over 75,000 hits on Bea-isms last month.

      It looks to me like she killed two birds with one stone by getting him out of the Commission race and keeping him out of the next Commission race which would have been in her husbands district. Just saying.

  23. Cedric says:

    It has been said,”actions speak louder than words”. If this is true then explain to me why Pilar Turner and Harry HOWLE went door to door with Matt Mohler, All Aboard Florida lobbyist recently? They can’t have it both ways. Phony politicians, Say one thing ,but do another, or tell people what they want to hear. Turner and Howle fit this picture to a Tee. Lets not be railroaded by these two charlatans

  24. Joan says:

    By the way Charlie “liar liar pants on fire, no mas pantalones” Wilson has been putting signs were they don’t belong. I have a friend who owns a business downtown and she just removed one his. But he’ll tell you he has signed documentation saying otherwise.

  25. Linda Hillman says:

    I remember last year when I had the recall petition drive going to remove Tracy Carroll, Charlie Wilson accused me of trying to run for city council and take her job and also being ungrateful to the person (Tracy Carroll) who had the Go-Line buses removed from my neighborhood. Now he is taking claim to removing them. I guess he does forget what lies he spins and when. Shake your head a little bit Charlie and listen to what it sounds like.