A lot of Monkey Business Going On

monkey-business-9772866This is the  Headline I just read in the IRNA Newsletter

AAF Impacts Threaten Entire Community, IRNA takes active role

 “Earlier this year the IRNA brought together a Train Impact Coalition (TIC) to help a vulnerable community fight the potential impact of expanded freight service along with high speed passenger trains proposed by the powerful All Aboard Florida and her parent company, Fortress.”

I copied this right off the IRNA newsletter and let me tell you this…I get it.

After a lot of study, an EIS report and tons of local TV coverage on this High Speed Train we all are getting the fact that this train will be a threat to our County, and with no stops in Indian River County….there will be NO advantage to this “train wreck” of an idea whatsoever.

So….most of the County Elected Officials have already expressed their views….none are in favor of this “train wreck” and a lot of the taxpayers are in fear of the financial burden of maintaining these tracks once they get installed in our community, let alone the hazards of 32 trains per day passing thru town at high speeds. Oh, yes, and let us not forget the noise.

If we already know that the elected officials are not in favor of the AAF then why is Candidate for City Council Pilar Turner hanging around with the AAF lobbyist. She not only hangs with Matt Mohler, the lobbyist for AAF, but they have been seen going door knocking for her campaign and he is also very prominently holding up Turner signs at the Library during early voting. Too much Monkey business, if you ask me.

Makes you wonder what Pilar Turner will do if the Council ever needs to get more aggressive than what they already are about this “train wreck” called All Aboard Florida. Will she have her allegiances to the City or to her lobbyist friend Matt Mohler who helped her campaign? Just asking.

In politics, we are who we are by the friends that we keep, and maybe it’s time to ask yourself about Turner’s  friends and where these friendships can lead – especially when it is time to vote. Just saying.


Another thing I picked up on today….Did you know that the County will soon meet to balk at the City for working with OUC to lower rates? Hey, I am not kidding. They actually have a meeting planned to argue the point that the City should not lower rates.

Do you think that might be because if the city works to lower rates then all that might be left of the county is to do away with the 6 percent Franchise fee and we will be getting real close to what the FPL rates are? At least close enough to FPL rates so the divisiveness just might be able to stop. And, Oh no, gosh no, we want the fighting to continue…don’t we? Those gosh darn County Commissioners want to continue to beat their chests and try to make their constituents think they are really working to get FPL rates.

Now, we know that will never happen (getting FPL rates) but golly, can’t we at least give the current group in office the ability to get the rates lowered so that we are close to FPL rates. Just Asking.

BTW, I think attorney “Shef” Wright and City Manager Jim O’Connor are just trying to re-negotiate the rates with OUC – they are not out there to do a new contract….Just re-negotiate for a lower rate to be in line with the wholesale prices that OUC is already giving other cities.

I think it is time to shed the Monkey’s on the City’s back…..and those Monkeys are called Indian River Shores and Indian River County LAWSUITS.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Yes, Bea, it is so great the County Commissioners can point their fingers at Vero Beach for having power rates that exceed that of FPL, but our elected County guys (as you said) don’t want to give up that 6% franchise fee they pretty much rob from county customers. They will continue this hold-up even if FPL does eventually take over. I firmly believe the people of Vero Beach are being thrown out with the bath water. We receive really good service in Vero–compared to some other towns in FL–and we’re small enough that when we have big storms, most of us are apt to help neighbors and even strangers make it through that disaster. It would be so nice if everyone would just back off and let our city’s elected people deal with its own problems. And it would be terrific if Pilar Turner could at least pretend to give a darn about Vero. Her behavior toward FMPA is abominable. Anyway, I am so glad you are here to let us vent.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Cathy, when I hear of this kind of stuff I really feel the need to inform people of what is going on. Too many people are too busy with their every day lives to hear all of what goes on and then they usually only hear of things after it is too late.

    I just wish a whole bunch of interested City of Vero Beach citizens would go in large numbers to the county meeting that is coming up where the Commissioners will try to stop the City from lowering the rates. Vero citizens, or at least the Vero Beach City Council should start to give the Commissioners a piece of their mind. That is exactly what was done by the Oslo Boat Ramp folks.

    At least they got the commissioners to hold off for 3- 5 years with the project. They ought to give the City 3- 5 years to get the rates down because it took 3-5 years of the troika raising the rates to get them to this point of having to lower rates.

    I keep trying to tell folks that the city of Vero Beach was the fifth lowest in rates in the State when this whole sell to FPL thing started and now it is time to back off, and let the elected officials try to get the rates down.

  3. Woodburner says:

    Where and when is this “meeting”?? The County website admin better get on the ball, because I just checked the meetings schedule and it is a mess! Agendas don’t match!! WTH are they DOING?
    Someone, please tell me I’m wrong…


  4. Woodburner says:


    Here is the notice..way down at the very BOTTOM of the home page.


    It doesn’t say a whole lot. Well, I’ll be watching for it on TV. I hope this isn’t what I think it is – collusion between an independently owned utility, a County and a Town. Now that would be a VERY bad thing……

  5. Rob Rich says:

    Seems like a classic case of county commissioners playing politics in the city. I wonder if anyone we know will speak in public comment?

    There are no more city council meetings before election day so not many chances left for free tv campaigning.

    • Bea-isms says:

      I would hope that all City Council members would attend and speak on behalf of lowering rates. In fact, the City should retain “Schef” to defend the negotiations that are ongoing with OUC in the effort to lower rates.

      And, as I recall, the stumbling block to lowering rates just might be……you got it…FPL. They have a strangle hold on the City with a sales contract that was signed by Turner, Fletcher, and Carroll that very well could hold the rates up his until the “dead deal” is officially dead in another year.

      I think it is imperitive that the Council go to this meeting to fight back from the bullying that they seem to take from the County.

      In fact, the County should take a break and stay out of the City’s business…You know what I mean…They should table all discussions and decisions regarding Vero Electric for 3-5 years in the same manner that they tabled the Olso Boat ramp. Just saying.

  6. Cedric says:

    Speaking of All Aboard Florida is it true that the All Aboard Florida lobbyist was holding a Turner campaign sign at the library voting site ? How can she do this to us?

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks Woodburner: Here is the actual Public Notice regarding this event.

    Public Notices
    NOTICE OF SPECIAL CALL MEETING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, will hold a Special Call Meeting to discuss the proposed City of Vero Beach rate reduction efforts and the Town of Indian River Shores, City of Vero Beach and the Indian River County Joint Public Meeting concerning the Vero Beach electric utility. The Special Call Meeting will be held on Monday, October 27, 2014, at 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room B1-501 located on the first floor of Building B of the County Administrative Complex, 1800 27th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960.

    Yep, I am hearing that these stupid county commissioners are so incensed at city officials and their new “get it done” lawyer “Sheff” that they actually called this special call meeting to bitch about Vero Beach trying to lower rates.

    Things sure are different for the Vero Council without the troika and things can only get better when they get rid of the last of the troika – Ms. Turner. Hey….maybe that’s why we see a few signs that say TOT…Turn Off Turner. LOL

  8. Cedric says:

    When anyone brings up the name Tracy Carroll my blood boils. I hope every voter remembers that PILAR TURNER was the only one who voted “NO” to send the short term rental issue to court.

  9. Pat Lavins says:

    There is a means of cutting electrical rates for households and business. We can and should lobby Debbie Mayfied and Joe Negron to work to have the Florida legislature remove the nuclear cost recovery slush fund. The purpose of this scheme was to have consumers pay for the next nuclear power plant. The issue though is that there is a high probability that there will never be another nuclear power plant built in Florida.

    • Bea-isms says:

      Pat, you have mentioned this more than once on this blog and I agree with you, if this is really the case.

      We should not have to be paying for future nuclear power plants as an add on to our electric bills.

      Does everyone pay this “extra” to all Electric Utility Co’s all over Florida, or just FPL or the Muni’s like Vero Beach too?

  10. savannah.ga says:

    the question of the day is if the county is so concerned about the “lowest” rates then why not purchase the utilities from fpl and then sell it to the lowest producer of power in the state. FPL isn’t the lowest. but they aren’t.

  11. Cedric says:

    The truth is the county does not want lower rates since 6% of a higher electric bill is better for them than 6% of a lower bill. Let’s lower our bills by having the county give up their 6% franchise fees for which they do absolutely nothing.

  12. Bea-isms says:

    There is only one way to beat up the bullies who are always beating up on the City of Vero Beach and that is in the voting booth.

    It might be time to talk to your Vero neighbors and work hard to get out the vote for Shupe, Kramer and Old.

    Can you imagine what might begin to happen to Vero Beach if Turner, HOwle and Wilson get in office. They have the money coming in to their campaigns so…it will be up to the real people in the City to get out the vote and vote for the OK’S.

  13. Bea-isms says:

    I just read where Matt Mohler, the lobbyist for AAF has donated funds to Charlie Wilson. That is the bad news. The good news is that most of the money thrown into the Baloney Professor’s campaign is out of town money and guess what….they do not vote.

    I’m telling you folks, go knock on your neighbors doors and if they need a ride or whatever, take them to the polls and Vote for the OK’s. It’s a non partisan race and the only thing they need is a voter registration card and that they live in the City.

    Vote for Shupe, Old and Kramer.

  14. Cedric says:

    I suggest that your readers go to insidevero.com and read the articles dealing with the election. I found one which the writer sees a 110 mph sellout by Turner, Wilson and HOWLE.

  15. Linda Hillman says:

    As with the last election where county investors and FPL threw a lot of money into the Carroll campaign, our concentration as city taxpayers and residents is to remind our voters that we do not need to BUY our council members…we need to support our council members with votes. Many people doubted Tracy Carroll being thrown out of office, but my petition aimed toward her arrogance, selfishness, meanness, one sided views and the fact that everything she did on that council was for her “me me me” career. I am proud of what Phil Katrovitz and I did during that petition drive. We opened up eyes, made people aware of what really was happening with Carroll, Fletcher and Turner. We don’t have Fletcher to be concerned about, and I wasn’t anyway,. people seem to think we need to fear Turner…I don’t. She has spread herself wide open and has assumed the “Me me me” position of Tracy Carroll..just keep reminding the citizens of the dog park, the cemetery, the short term rental vote not to go to court, the All Aboard Florida flip flop, her lack of attendance to FMPA meetings to represent the city not criticize the city, her eye rolling and mean comments to people at council meetings, tell voters,friends, relatives,all who matter in our city that we need to “Turn Off” the “Queen of Mean”. When they vote accordingly she will be in that dark room on election night feeling the pressure.

  16. Cedric says:

    Now lets talk MONEY — In 2011 ,her first year on the council she voted to RAISE TAXES. Did we forget so soon her attempt to charge ratepayers $26,000,000 and give it to FPL. She was beaten back in this recent fiasco by” we the people” and level headed council members. Don’t forget her Phony Benchmark numbers and her vote against the Enterprise Zone, fortunately she was out voted. Turner’s latest venture calls for her street to be widened so she is not slowed down when landscapers are on the street. She has a “let them eat cake” mentality.

  17. Bea-isms says:

    Linda, Perhaps a letter could be put together to get the attention of all the people who signed the original petition….just to make them aware of the Queen of Mean and the other two evildoers who share the ticket with her. They should all go down and people who do not pay attention need to be informed.

    This is an important election. If the right three people get elected they will be able to put out the fires that are being started between the Shores and the County.

    I have looked over the slate and I cannot imagine Jack Shupe, Randy Old or Jay Kramer allowing the County Commissioners to continue bullying them around.

  18. Linda Hillman says:

    Bea…I am so far ahead of you…that letter has been mailed….

  19. Cedric says:

    Bea, Don’t you mean “let them eat cake” Pilar Turner? Queen of mean does not do her justice. Has she been seen around town with her new good buddy the AAF lobbyist? What about the pompous Harry Howle, has he been seem around the city with his new good buddy the AAF lobbyist? Have you noticed how many vacant houses have Harry’s signs? Plenty of votes coming out of them. I hope city residents read yesterdays Press Journal’s expose on how much money ALL ABOARD FLORIDA is spending in their attempt to railroad this 110 mph thing down our throats. Just think Turner and Howle have their own personal AAF lobbyist from Tallahassee parading around the city with them. They are so lucky.

  20. Bea-isms says:

    Linda, You are on the ball. When the OK’S get elected they should hang a medal around your shoulders. LOL

    Yes, Cedric…I did notice the Howle signs are on a lot of empty lots….That’s what you get when you vote for an empty suit. LOL

  21. jim says:

    As the elections quickly approach I have these few comments.

    Anyone in the city who votes for Debbie Mayfield has not been paying attention.

    Anyone in the City who votes for Pilar Turner gets what they deserve.

    Anyone who votes for Charlie Wilson is wasting their vote, as he is both ineligible and an idiot.

  22. Cedric says:

    Well look who they pal out with, “out of town”,and Nasty Glenn Heran, Mayor Bigot, Tracy Carroll and the ever loving Bob Salami Then there are the two falling stars Stump and Stradley. Include in the group the lawsuit happy Indian River Council, especially the vice mayor. Next there are the two door knockers AAF Matt and his new best buddy Harry Howle. Hey ,AAF Matt stay the heck out our local election. Or is it possible that a smoke filled backroom deal is in the works?

  23. Joan says:

    I just read an article on Veronews.com it quotes the mayor of indian River shores. He doesn’t like the idea that The City of Vero Beach “syphons” money from the electric company to the general fund.
    How did these guys get so old when they are so stupid, how did they get thru life thinking like this.
    My blood is boiling and my pressure is up so I will stop before I write what I’m really thinking.

  24. Joan says:

    Not to mention that we will have a new hotel going up on where Lobster Shanty was, they closed yesterday. Will they be asking for more height, it’s not a big piece of property. And guess where they gave Turncoat Turner and Howler a fund raiser yep the new owners Quail Valley. Their friend the Captain was not invited.

  25. Bea-isms says:

    Joan, I am getting ready to post a new article and I might cut and paste you post about how stupid these guys are.